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Susan's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15
~ Round Ligament Pain

I went to the doctor on Monday, and everything was great! The best news started at the beginning, I had not gained ANY weight, which puts my total gain thus far at only 8 lbs. Not bad in my book! We talked about some of the issues I have been having, constipation, etc. But he told me to start taking Fiber Con, and that would clear right up! The baby's heartbeat was 155, and at the last sonogram was 158. We will have another sonogram in 4 weeks, and if we wanted to, we could find out what we are having . . . but we aren't going to!

You know, that is the funny thing about people. I think there are some people that I come into contact with, who are really MAD about the fact that we aren't finding out. Like we are doing them some kind of disservice by making them wait 9 whole months to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I really understand people wanting to know what they are having, and part of me wants to know too. But, it is like Christmas, if you know what you are getting before you get it, then is it really as exciting to get it? Maybe that is dumb, and I don't mean to offend anyone in saying that because they knew what their baby was, they weren't as excited . . . we just want to wait.

Back to the Round Ligament Pain . . . I really have been feeling the baby grow this week. It isn't too uncomfortable, but I definitely feel it, and see it happening! I started showing early, my "profile" picture is from 13 weeks, but my stomach is really starting to ROUND out. Belly button is disappearing too. All well worth it!

Well, I better run, haven't been home long and have lots to do . . . talk to you all soon!

~ Susan

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