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Week 16
~ Oh the Agony . . . Gas!

So, this week was rather uneventful, and unfortunately for me, filled with nothing but . . . GAS! Yeah, apparently the FiberCon wasn't enough to ease all of my pains, and on Wednesday night, after a nice dinner, I found myself curled up on the couch in pain, unable to use the bathroom, or pass gas for that matter. I finally resorted to taking a stool softener in hopes that it would "make something happen" but to no avail. I slept some that night, but wasn't one of my best! So, Thursday morning, I called the doctor, and they informed me that this was very common (must remember to thank all of my girlfriends for sharing this with me ) and not to worry, just start taking the FiberCon twice a day, and drink some prune juice. YUMMY! I followed their instructions, except opted for Grape juice instead, and things are "clearing" right up. I know not the most exciting way to start a journal entry, but hey, I don't ever want to be accused of not sharing the truth!

Ethan and I both seemed rather busy this week, but were able to finally catch up on Friday. Went to lunch, and then that night went to a movie with another couple who is also expecting their first child. Funny how life seems to show you all at once what being a "grown up" is all about! Our Friday nights used to be action packed, filled with dinner with friends, and then maybe out for drinks after that. Now, we are lucky to make it until 10:30! It's well worth it though!

Friday night wasn't the best night of sleep either; I woke up about 11, and had this weird "tickling" in my belly, right below my belly button. Now, mind you, I was in a dead sleep, so it took me a while to figure out that this "tickling" sensation was most likely my sweet little baby saying hello! I got excited, well as excited as you can for being woken from a dead sleep, and rubbed my belly, secretly wishing that he/she would go back to sleep too, and eventually, we both did. Then, Saturday, my girlfriend and I went to a town about 45 minutes away for a Me-N-Mommy sale, and my little angel woke up and did some moving on the ride! It is so amazing! I must say, it isn't anything consistent yet, and it takes me a second to realize that it is happening, but it is really neat none the less. Plus, I think it has really excited Ethan to see my stomach growing, and know that one day soon he too will be able to feel our little one moving all around.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I have been visited by the boob fairy once again! Before I got pregnant, my chest size was a 34B, on a good day. I have never boasted to have a large chest, more often than not, it is non existent. But one of the first changes my body made was my chest growing VERY quickly! In no time it seemed I was in a 34C. Well, as it seems, I have busted out of that as well! I did a little shopping yesterday, and decided to try on a 34 D, just to see what happened . . . and I FILLED IT UP! Imagine my surprise! Ethan loves it, feels like he is married to a new woman, and lucky for him they aren't sore any more, so he is having a blast. My only question is when is this going to stop? I mean, at this rate, by the time my milk comes in my boobs are going to be as big as the baby! Just thought I would share in case anyone else is having this "problem"! Of course, my friends who have always been blessed laugh at me and tell me I could have had theirs, but coming from a girl that didn't have to wear a bra until the 9th grade, this is pretty exciting stuff!

Well, I guess I have rambled enough for today. Not a lot going on this week, just work and life, hopefully nothing too crazy will go on. I go back to the doctor on August 13th, so I'll have a lot more to report then. Hope everyone is doing well with their pregnancies and if anyone wants to talk, feel free to email! Until next time!

~ Susan

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