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Weeks 19 and 20
~ It's a . . .

19 weeks ultrasoundBABY! Hey everyone! Hope I didn't get any hopes up, but we had our "big" ultrasound last Monday, and we, as planned did not find out what we are having. We did, however, find out that I am carrying a VERY healthy little child, who is active and has all the vital organs needed to have a very fruitful life.

I'll back up a little bit and catch everyone up on the past two weeks of my life. I will start by apologizing for skipping a week and having to combine these two, but life has been busy, hormones have been raging, and sitting down at the computer to write after a long day at work has just been difficult. I promise to do better though!

My stomach continues to grow seemingly by the minute! I took a picture at the end of week 17 and one at the end of week 18, and could totally tell the difference. The baby seems to be moving up in my belly, and stretching out, kind of like a watermelon. I feel good though, and if it weren't so darn hot outside, would get out and walk more! But, hopefully we are going to start seeing a pattern of cooler air, and that will help me get back into the habit of walking in the evenings. I feel so much better when I can exercise, but the way the temperatures are around here, it really isn't real safe to be out in that kind of heat. Pregnant or not!!!

I went to the doctor on the 13th for my 19 week appointment. I knew I would be having my ultrasound but didn't know what else they would do. I was nervous about being weighed, as I knew I had gained some, well a lot, of weight, but thought I was prepared. I was wrong! My husband and his sister were both there for support, and to see the ultrasound. When we finally got back to a room, a good hour after my scheduled appointment, the nurse put me on the scale, and when the numbers popped up, I yelled "OH MY GOSH!!!" Remember me saying I had gained some weight? Well, it ended up being 9 lbs, in 4 weeks! I probably overreacted a bit, my husband sure thought so, but I just wasn't prepared. I wanted to believe it was like 6 or 7 lbs, 9 was just more than I was ready for! But, on the flip side, I gained no weight between weeks 11 & 15, so I guess my body was just making up for that. I have gained a total of 15 lbs thus far, so if I can keep it under 40 or so for the whole pregnancy, I'll be happy. I honestly don't see that happening . . . my build just seems like I am going to be VERY healthy pregnant, but I am ok with it, and embracing my pregnant body! It is worth it, to have this miracle inside of me. Plus, my husband even commented to the nurse how hard I was working at staying healthy, so that was good.

About 2 minutes after being weighed, the nurse came in to tell us that our doctor had been called to do a C-section, so he would be a while. Luckily, they were able to go ahead and do the ultrasound, or I think my husband's head would have exploded! We got into the ultrasound room, and after telling the tech about 15 times we DID NOT want to know, she started. She positioned my sister in law and husband on the other side of the table from me, and turned the screen. She started looking at everything, and after a while, turned the screen so we could see, stuff that all kids have. Anyway, I asked her if she knew what we were having, and she said she does, but she won't tell anyone and won't write it in the chart, so only she and God know the gender of our baby! It is so exciting, and even though it was tempting to find out, we are so glad that we didn't. And just think, when I write the birth story, in 20 short weeks, you'll all be tuned in just to see what the outcome was!

The baby has been very active. The heartbeat was 144 at the ultrasound, and we got lots of looks at him or her moving around. It was so neat! Today, I was over at my parents' house, and the baby was moving around, and my mom could see my stomach moving. I hated that my husband wasn't there, as this was the first time anyone SAW anything, but I feel sure we'll all have ample opportunity to see this little one move and shake for years to come! I am sleeping ok, except for having to get up and pee about every 4 hours or so, but it is a small price to pay. The whole miracle of what is happening inside of me is just more awesome that I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful for this life that I am carrying, and feel so privileged that I get to be a part of this whole experience.

Well, I hope I have caught you up to date on our weeks. We have a baby shower next weekend in Ethan's hometown, so I'll have lots of fun stuff to share next time. I hope everyone is doing well, and if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask!

Until next time,
~ Susan

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