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Week 21
~ Baby Gifts!

Hello! This week was a rather relaxing one, which is a very nice change! We headed down on Thursday to the coast to go see Ethan's family, and have our first baby shower!!!

We left Thursday after work, and the ride down wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. It is about a 5 hour drive, so I was worried about being uncomfortable, having to pee, etc. But, we made the drive in great time, and only had to stop once to go to the bathroom. My wonderful husband even stopped at Dairy Queen so we got ice cream for the ride. He is truly a pregnant woman's dream.

We got into town Thursday night, and had dinner with his parents. I was pretty exhausted from the travel, so hit the sack pretty early. Got a decent night's sleep, except for being in a strange house and having to navigate myself to the bathroom in the dark. All and all though, it was just nice not to have to go to work in the morning.

Friday morning, our best friends came over with their 15 month old little girl, and we all went to lunch. Pressley, our surrogate niece, is absolutely adorable! She could bring a smile to anyone! We went to a local Po Boy joint, and had the best lunch!!! I could eat fresh seafood all day long, so yummy! I had a fried shrimp Po Boy, and had to laugh at myself. Prior to becoming pregnant, I never could have finished the whole thing, but looks like my appetite is picking up . . . that might be scary!

Sarah, Pressley, my mother in law, and I went shopping Friday afternoon, and my mother-in-law bought two new dresses! She is so wonderful! I needed something to wear to the shower, so this was part of her gift to me. I wasn't expecting it at all, and was very excited!

Saturday came time for the shower. We had about 20-30 people come, and had a wonderful time! Ethan's parents gave us the rocker that his mom had rocked him and his sister in some 31 years ago! They had had it refinished and it is beautiful! We knew that we were getting it, but I didn't know we were getting it for the shower, or how beautiful it was going to be. It will be so special to rock our little one in this rocker, and share the memories with him or her in the future.

We also got a lot of great things that we had registered for. We got diapers, wipes, our monitors, a Bumbo (SO EXCITED), and lots of cute little outfits that are gender neutral, so we can use them regardless of the sex of the baby. Oh, and we got a very cute rocking horse/dirt bike rocker, that we got from Ethan's grandmother and aunt and uncle. It is so cute, and I imagine our little one will have hours of fun playing on it!

The remainder of the trip was really nice, but it is always good to get home and get into your own bed. Having the shower really brought light to the fact that this is REALLY happening! I mean, don't get me wrong, I know due to the ever increasing size of my mid section, that this baby is on its way, but this helped to get us more motivated to get the room ready, and before we know it the baby will be here! I guess next we'll have to get the room done . . . but that will take some real motivation!

Until next time,
~ Susan

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