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Week 22
~ More Round Ligament?

So this week started off with a bit of a scare. I noticed on Monday night that I had a strange sort of pain around my belly button. It wasn't constant, and it didn't worry me too badly, so I just kind of put it out of my mind. By Tuesday afternoon however, the pain wasn't going away, and although it wasn't constant it, hurt when I touched it. So, I decided to call the doctor.

I called in, and the nurse told me that she wasn't sure what it was, but if it got to bothering me more, that they would see me. Well, it took about 15 minutes after I got off of the phone with her for me to decide that I would rather go in and be safe than sorry. So I called back, and she told me to come on in and she would check the heart tones and the placenta make sure everything looked good.

So, I headed out of work, and went up there. I was a little scared, but tried not to worry too much until I had something to really worry about. A good friend of mine that I work with met me at the clinic, even though I assured her that everything was fine! I really appreciated it, but didn't want to alarm anyone. Ethan was at work when I went or he would have probably come too.

So we got there, and I reminded the tech that we didn't know the sex of the baby, so not to say anything! She was glad I said something because she had forgotten. Anyway, we got in the room, and she put the monitor up to my belly, and the baby was in there, moving all around. She checked the heartbeat, 134 BPM, and said the placenta looked great and was just where it needed to be. So my big question was what is this pain? That is when she told me that round ligament pain isn't always in the bottom of your uterus; it can shoot off the top, the sides, wherever! I never knew that! I was really sort of embarrassed for going to the doctor for them to tell me that it was normal pain I was experiencing, but she was very reassuring and told me it wasn't a big deal. That really eased my mind. The upside to the whole visit was that I got two more pictures of our little one, and MAN, they grow fast!!! I compared this picture with the one taken just two weeks prior, and the difference is amazing! Makes me realize that when the baby gets here, they are going to grow up before we know what hit us. That in itself is scary.

The rest of the week was rather uneventful. This weekend was opening weekend of dove season, so Ethan spent all day Saturday hunting with his brother-in-law, and on Sunday we sat around and did absolutely nothing. I think we are both savoring these lazy days for all they are worth, as we are both well aware that they are limited. It seems like just yesterday we started trying to create this little family of ours, and now, in 18 short weeks, the baby will be here, and life won't ever be the same. It is so exciting and so scary all at the same time! So, I try not to feel bad for being lazy, I know someday we'll look back on those lazy days, and wonder where they disappeared to!

Until next time,
~ Susan

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