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Susan's Pregnancy Journal

Week 24
~ Doctor's Appointment

Well, not a whole lot happened this past week. In fact, it seemed like the longest week yet, but I think that a slow week at work had a lot to do with that.

Monday I had my fourth doctor's appointment. My biggest issue was that I didn't want to have gained 9 lbs again, but according to their scale . . . I had! I didn't scream this time, but I don't believe that their scale is right. Here is why. We have a digital scale in our bathroom that I weigh on just about daily. Before I got pregnant, the scale stayed about 155. When I found out I was pregnant, I weighed 158. At my first appointment, the scale at their office and the one at home were right on, 163.5. I was ok with that, and happy that I didn't gain a bunch of weight. When my second appointment rolled around, I knew that my total gain was about the same, as I hadn't gained any according to the scale at home . . . and the office scale agreed. Let me point out too, that I was in the same room, on the same scale, for both of these doctors' appointments.

Well, by my third appointment, I was WELL aware that I had gained some weight, but I thought I was only up to about 170. When I got to the doctor's office, the put me in a different room, on a different scale, and I weighed 172.5, or 9 lbs more than I had four weeks earlier. As you may recall, I freaked out! I knew I had gained, but only thought it was 6 1/2 lbs, not 9. Anyway, I accepted it, and went on. Well, this last visit, I weighed myself in the morning, and I was 177. When I got to the doctors office that afternoon at 2, and they put me in the "bad scale" room, the scale said I weighed 181.5, 9 MORE pounds! So, when the doctor came in, I told him that his scales were wrong, and he didn't say anything. I have decided that I am only going to worry about what the scale at home says. It is the only consistent one from what I can see, so therefore, I have gained 22 lbs in 24 weeks of pregnancy. Not too bad I guess, but more than I thought I would at this point. Oh well, guess I will need to really get after it when the baby gets here, and hope that I can get back into my suits before I go back to work!

Aside from the weight drama, all is well in my life. The baby is doing well, the heartbeat was 150bpm, and I have REALLY started to feel movement. The baby kicks or punches or something pretty hard after eating. I guess it is letting me know that they enjoyed their feeding. Ethan hasn't felt the baby move as much as I have, but as he or she is moving more, I feel like it is only a matter of time.

My brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit this weekend with my nephew, so we are very excited about that. Then, the next week we are going there for the weekend. I am so excited about getting away, I can hardly stand it! Hope everyone is doing well!

Until next time!
~ Susan

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