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Susan's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 25 & 26
~ Family, Vacation, and Stretch Marks

Susan at 26 weeksHi all! Sorry I didn't write last week, it has been very busy around here. My brother, sister in law and nephew came to town for a visit, and then we turned around and went to North Carolina to visit them, and have a family baby shower. It was wonderful!

My brother lives in North Carolina, where I am from, so we don't get to see one another very often. In fact, before last weekend, weekend, we hadn't seen one another in over a year. But, we got to spend a lot of time together, so that was great!

We traveled to NC for a baby shower, and did a small baby-moon. We rented a cabin on the French Broad River, and spent the evenings listening to the river, and enjoying the cool air. It was amazing, and more needed than I knew. I miss the mountains, didn't know how much until it was time to leave, but I miss them! The trip was a success, got a lot of great things, and got to see my Grandmother and Grandfather, and Ethan got to meet them for the first time. Their health isn't the greatest, so it was important that they got to meet. The trip was long, but we did fine, and only had to stop to pee about five times each way!

So, on to stretch marks . . .

I haven't gotten any stretch marks (knock on wood) on my belly so far, BUT, I have them on my butt. It stinks! Everyone tells me I am all baby, not gaining weight anywhere but in my stomach, but I have proof of the contrary! I really wasn't prepared to deal with it either. I got a few a few weeks ago, then all the sudden, I look in the mirror, and my whole left side is covered! UGH! I put lotion on religiously, but they are still there. In fact, when Ethan noticed them, I cried. I know my emotions are a roller coaster right now, but I think we all worry about looking like the women that our husbands loved before we got pregnant. I know stretch marks are part of it, but it made me sad! The upside to the whole situation is, I have an amazing husband. His only concern was if they hurt or not. Then when he saw how upset it made me, he hugged and kissed me and told me that he loved me and thought I was beautiful! I know that he said that to make me feel better, and it did! So, for that I am thankful. I guess I am just getting a taste of what a "pain in the butt" kids can be. I can't wait to meet my little one, and I know that he or she will be worth every stretch mark I get!

I go back to the doctor next week. I have my Glucose test, hopefully all will be well. I feel good most of the time, so hopefully we have no complications. I can't believe that I am almost in my third trimester! Time is flying by!

I have three more showers, three weekends in a row. On top of that, I am hosting a shower in three weeks, and then another one in December. Babies really are like weddings aren't they? Seemed like first everyone I knew was getting married; now we are all having babies! Fun fun stuff!

That is about it for now, hope everyone is doing well, and thanks for reading!

Until Next Time,
~ Susan

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