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Week 27
~ Glucose Tolerance

Hello all! Can't believe we are getting close to the third trimester, seems like just yesterday that I found out we were expecting, and now it is coming to a close. I am sure in the coming weeks I will be complaining about how ready I am not to be pregnant anymore, but for now, I am fine just where we are.

Had my monthly doctor's appointment this week, and the dreaded Glucose Tolerance Test. I have felt great during my pregnancy for the most part, but was still very nervous about this test. I have gained nearly 30 pounds to this point, and although everyone tells me it is all baby, I was worried that my sugar might be up a little, and that might be causing the weight gain.

So, started my day off with a hungry baby, and headed to the doctor's office. I got there about 8:25, for my 8:30 appointment, and surprisingly enough, they got me right in. I got on the scale, and much to my delight, I had only gained 6 pounds last month. I was a little worried that the doctor might say something, but he didn't. So, the nurse brought me my lovely orange drink, and I choked it down as quickly as I could. It wasn't awful, but not my idea of a refreshing beverage to say the least.

The doctor then came in and checked everything, and we are right on track. I measured 26cm, a tad small for where I am, but the doctor said that was perfectly fine. The baby's heartbeat was very easy to find, and s/he had a strong beat of 140. It is funny; all the old wives tales about heartbeat are having a hard time with this little one. Some days it is high, some days it is a little low, and on days like this one, right there in between. So, the doctor told me that he would see me again in three weeks, and then I would start coming every two weeks. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone, but I am not complaining one bit!

So, last but certainly not least, they pricked my finger for the GTT. The great news! I passed with flying colors!!! YIPPEE! I am a bit of a self proclaimed chocoholic, and had the doctor told me that I had to cut sugar from my diet for the remainder of my pregnancy, well . . . I don't know what I would have done! But, the good news is, my sugar levels are just fine, and I can continue to satisfy my sweet tooth!

I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll talk to you next week!

Until Next Time,
~ Susan

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