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Week 28

Well, here we are, finally on the home stretch. I can't believe that I only have 12 more weeks until my little kicker makes his or her debut. Speaking of kicks . . . boy have they been strong lately! Some days, they catch me so off guard, people around me wonder if I am beginning labor! They don't hurt per se, but they are powerful sometimes, and they throw me for a loop! I am not complaining though, I welcome every little kick, punch, roll, whatever! Any sign that baby is doing well is a welcome sign for me.

This week hasn't been very eventful, and for that I am grateful. Ethan and I had thought about going out of town for the weekend, possibly renting a cabin at a state park for the night and taking the dogs. Sounded like a nice relaxing weekend, but right before we headed out, we discovered that you can't take the dogs to the cabins, so we decided not to go. We have two miniature daschunds who are the current babies of the family. I am not sure what they are going to think when the baby gets here, but we are hoping that they are going to love him or her, and be good. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Needless to say, since we couldn't take the dogs, we opted for a weekend at home, which looking back, I am glad we made that decision.

So, we spent Saturday doing a whole lot of nothing. Went to the store to get some things for a baby shower I am hosting this weekend, and then came home and watched Ole Miss lose on TV. It was a very uneventful day, but really enjoyable just the same. Sunday, we washed both of the vehicles, and spent the rest of the day trying to relax. I think that I am starting to lose my energy supply again, because I find myself tired more often than I have in the past few weeks, but I guess that is to be expected. Monday, I felt pretty good for most of the day, but my energy level left me about 8:00. I tried to stay awake as long as I could, but gave up about 9:15. My only explanation is that the baby must have done a good bit of growing in the past day or so, and it was just using all of my energy! I can tell today that h/she is more active than they were yesterday, so maybe that is it. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the coming weeks, and know that this is going to be over before I know what hit me. Knowing that I only have 12 weeks to go really puts everything into perspective. The thought of really being a parent is kind of scary, but exciting all at the same time.

Well, I guess that about sums it up for this week. Next week I have a dentist appointment, and getting ready for Halloween, a "tradition" at our house. I am looking forward to the coming weeks, and will keep y'all up to date on what is going on. Until next time . . .

Until Next Time,
~ Susan

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