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Week 34
~ Counting the Days

Let's see . . . this week started uneventful enough, but with the Holidays thrown in the middle, I suppose I overdid it some. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Ethan's parents were in town, and we got our house all decorated for Christmas. I love having my house all lit up, puts me in the Christmas spirit.

On Friday, I started moving some files in my office, but had to stop because my feet were hurting, and I could tell it was taking a toll on me. I tried to take it easy all weekend, but did do some baking, which I enjoy. Then, on Monday, I decided that I would try and get the rest of the files moved. Well, all of the bending, and stooping didn't make my uterus happy, and before I knew it I was having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. I called the doctor, and they told me to take some Tylenol, and if they were as close as 7 minutes apart, to call the back. Long story short, they didn't stop, so I went ahead and called them back, and they asked me to come in so they could check me. I got there, and my BP was 140/90 . . . much higher than normal, but they attributed it to me being nervous. The doctor on call checked me, and I was open in the front of my cervix, but closed in the back. Baby's head is down, but still high. SO, they told me to take it easy, not to overdo it, and come back Wednesday for my regular appointment.

Well, Wednesday, went in for my regular checkup, and the great news is that I had gained NO weight! That hasn't happened since I first got pregnant. I guess I might be finally leveling out. My doctor checked the heartbeat, all was well, my BP was back to normal, and he is going to do a sonogram at the next visit to check the size of the baby since he/she was so big at 32 weeks. Oh, and I almost forgot, I lost some of my mucus plug that afternoon, but I have plenty of friends who did the same . . . and were still very pregnant 4 weeks later.

Next week is my Baby Shower at work. I am very excited; it means that there are just 5 short weeks until "due day". I must admit, I hope that we can have this baby before my due date, as I am getting increasingly uncomfortable. But, I won't try and push too much; all I truly care about is having a healthy baby.

Until next time,
~ Susan

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