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Susan's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Preeclampsia

Well, as you can tell from the title, things haven't really improved over the last week. I went back to the hospital on Tuesday with contractions, and my BP was something like 163/113. VERY high, especially since I normally run 120/80. So, the doctor gave me a shot of Stadol to help to relax me and lower my BP, but it also slowed down my contractions. The BP dropped momentarily, but went back up when I went to the bathroom. SO, they kept me another 24 hours (yes we have spent 6 nights out of the last 9 in the hospital, and still have no baby) for a 24 hour urinalysis.

Thursday morning, the doctor came by to check on me, and the blood pressure medicine he had prescribed was doing its job, and my BP was good. However, we had to wait on the results of the urinalysis. Finally, about 11, the doctor called and said "you have two choices, an amniocentesis to check for lung development or you can bed rest until Tuesday when you will be 37 weeks, and we will deliver then." I have protein in my urine, and so have been diagnosed with mild Preeclampsia. It turned out that the results of the amniocentesis wouldn't be back until late Monday anyway, so he decided that we would just wait and induce on Tuesday morning.

So, that is what is going on. Our little surprise will be here on Tuesday December 18th. We are very excited, I feel pretty good, and can't wait for things to get to their chaotic normal level that our life will now be.

I can't promise when I'll have the birth story, but I will do my best to get it written not long after we get home. With a new baby a week before Christmas, it may be hard. I am still planning a natural childbirth, so everyone give me your prayers and encouragement. Any extra help I can get will be useful! Thanks to all of you for reading, and we'll let you know how it all goes! Take care and Merry Christmas to all!

~ Susan

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