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Susan's Pregnancy After Loss Journal
Susan's Pregnancy Journal StorkNet is pleased to bring you Susan's Pregnancy After Loss Journal.

Susan (36) and Chris were married three years when they conceived their first baby. At Susan's routine 38 week OB appointment, they were told their precious daughter had died. Susan and Chris jumped on that rollercoaster of pregnancy after loss and had a healthy baby girl, Caroline Rebecca, born at 36 weeks on February 17, 2006.

Susan's Journal Entries


Meet Susan

Weeks 4 & 5
At Least We Know We're Fertile

Week 6
If you are going to take a fall, now is the perfect time

Week 7
Hello Morning Sickness, Goodbye Waist

Week 8
Our First REAL OB Appointment

Week 9
My New Nausea Fighting Companion

Week 10
Never a Dull Moment

Week 11
You can't put a price on peace of mind

Week 12
Get out of here 1st Trimester and take this morning sickness with you

Week 13
A few highs and lows to report this week

Week 14
Capitol Idea

Week 15
Dealing With Work, Traffic and Stress

Week 16
Just When You Think It's Gone

Week 17
Is She or Isn't She?

Week 18
We're Having a . . .

Week 19
Soap Opera Finally Plays Out

Week 20
Did all this happen in just ONE week?

Week 21
COMMUNITY ALERT: Pregnant lady picking fights in store parking lots

Week 22
Huffing & Puffing and Feeling Huge

Week 23
She's very busy in there

Week 24
Holiday ups and downs

Week 25
I Need a Jazzy Scooter

Week 26
Z-Pak and Glucola DO NOT mix

Week 27
WARNING - Major Whining Ahead

Week 28
Last 10 Weeks of Being Pregnant as Long as I Live

Week 29
Houston We Have an Induction Date

Week 30
Tragic Family News and Pre-Eclampsia Scare

Week 31
Can we get a table instead of a booth?

Week 32
Got Philosophy?

Week 33
2 Appointments Per Week From Here on Out

Week 34
Birthdays Galore

Week 35
Guess Who's Dilated?

Week 36
It's time - or maybe not

Birth Story

Pregnancy After Loss Cubby

Pregnancy/Infant Loss Cubby

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