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Week 25 ~ December 1, 2005
~ I Need a Jazzy Scooter

Well, we have a new development in the aches and pains department. My right hip has been hurting very badly. The pain is in the joint where my leg and pelvis meet. This is a different feeling than the bowling ball in the pelvis sensation. This is like something is stretching and pulling my leg out of the socket. I am waddling around taking baby steps because that's all I can do if I want to actually get from point A to point B. We were at Target the other day and when I walked in the store I drooled over the Jazzy Scooter shopping carts but I just can't make myself get in one. I am too embarrassed. Don't know why because the way I have to walk is definitely not pretty. After making it to the pharmacy area where I picked up some cold medicine (that's another story - the recent acquisition of a cold), my husband said he was going to walk ahead and get in line at the front of the store while I hobbled my way up there, and by the time I made it to the front of the store he was already done paying and was halfway to the door. I really don't know what I will do if this doesn't go away. There are times when I literally can't make it from the couch to the bathroom without having to prop myself up on the wall halfway there.

So this new cold is not fun. Thank goodness the doctor suggested Claritin when I told her the Sudafed wasn't doing anything for me. Claritin-D is definitely doing the trick on the congestion. Too bad it's so freaking expensive. Paid $10 for 10 pills. JEEZ!! At this point it's worth it to be able to breathe well enough to work and sleep. The pills are 24 hour dosage and hopefully this cold won't last 10 days but if it does I will go back and happily buy 10 more. They're awesome, and I did double check to make sure that Claritin-D is a class B drug.

On the work front, I am very excited that I nailed down my replacement for maternity leave this week. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have this off my shoulders. My hope was to have the same woman temp for me who did it last year, and I was dreading calling and hearing she no longer worked at the agency or had a permanent job or something. I guess as long as I didn't call I could still keep hope alive that I wouldn't have to deal with training someone from scratch. It took me 3 weeks to train her and she was super sharp, so if I got someone new there was no telling how long it would take to get them up to speed enough to leave them on their own for 12 weeks. So I decided to call her directly instead of calling the agency and waiting on pins and needles for them to call back. I got ahold of her right away and she said she no longer worked at the agency but didn't have a permanent job and was sort of free-lancing but said she would gladly have the agency re-instate her if we needed them to or we could just hire her directly without an agency. I was so happy to hear this. We're going to hire her directly for the same pay she made at the agency and we don't have to pay the huge agency fee. What a deal!!

I had an OB appt this week and everything looked and sounded good, however the doctor remains concerned about the ongoing nausea and this new bloated feeling and wants me to come in right at 26 weeks for the Glucose Tolerance Test instead of waiting until closer to the end of the 26-28 week window like they do with most patients which I assume is simply for the convenience of coinciding with their regular 28 week appointment. In the mean time, she said to take Gaviscon for the bloating and that seems to help. I also got a suggestion from a dear woman in my support group to try the Maalox tablets and I am going to get some of those as well and see which one works better. Just happy to get some relief. The doctor also said she looked at my results from the last Perinatologist appointment and was shocked to see that they did some test I don't remember, the name of that measures blood flow in the brain and umbilical cord. She said she'd only seen this done on a couple patients before and was overjoyed that they took the time to do it. It's apparently pretty difficult to get the needed data for this ultrasound test, and I guess most doctors don't put themselves through the frustration of trying to do it unless they think they really need to. She said you have to get the exact perfect shot to see the blood flow in a tiny vessel in the brain, but they did it and everything looked good. That explains why we were there for so long and then moved to a room with a stronger machine. They never told us what they were doing. They just said they couldn't get the shots they wanted and kept trying. Makes me feel so good that my Perinatologist is taking such care with me. My doctor thinks they did it because of the accident. The appointment was during that week when I had 3 ultrasounds in 7 days following the accident. Regardless of why they did it, I'm just very thankful for the additional peace of mind.

Well that's going to do it for me this week. Hope everyone's getting their shopping done and finding time to enjoy the beginning of this holiday season!!

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