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Week 36 ~ February 15, 2006
~ It's time - or maybe not

Well I thought since I was having a planned induction 3 weeks early I was not going to get to experience the whole "Honey it's time, we should get to the hospital" thing, but I was wrong. I have been having contractions for over a week now and Saturday night they got pretty strong. We were going to go out to eat with some family and friends but I couldn't because I was too busy having contractions 7 minutes apart. I think it was all the walking that day. We went all over town getting flowers and balloons to take to the cemetery for Cecilia's Birthday then after we did that, we went shopping for something to wear to my shower the next day, and by the time I got home I was contracting a lot. They stopped after about an hour though.

Then on Monday night I woke up about midnight with some bad ones but then fell back asleep before I called the doctor. Then last night (Tuesday night) I woke up at 1am and clocked them at 4 minutes apart for an hour so we called the doctor and she said come right in. By the time I got on the monitor they were 3 minutes apart and I had dilated another half centimeter from my last appointment so they gave me a shot to stop them. Since I'm only 35 weeks and 6 days it's considered pre-term labor and they have to try to stop them, but the shot didn't stop them and they said "well looks like we'll be having a baby."

Then they said they had to try one more thing to stop them and if that didn't work then they would let me continue on my own, so they pumped me full of 2 bags of IV fluid, the first one didn't do anything but the second one did so they checked me 2 more times about 3 hours apart and I hadn't dilated any more so I ended up going home after about 9 hours. The doctor said for me to come in tomorrow and she would check me again and if I had progressed one more centimeter she would admit me and start my labor since I would officially be 36 weeks.

Oh and more shocking news. They took a weight of the baby at my ultrasound on Monday and she is 6 pounds 15 ounces, up from 4 lbs 11oz 2 weeks ago. I almost fell off the table. But that is a good thing since it looks like she could come even earlier than we planned, she will at least be a healthy weight.

I have to get to bed, so this is getting cut very short. It is 8pm and I have been up since 1am and I have to be ready to go in and possibly do this all over again tomorrow. Lord only knows what you'll see in my week 37 entry so stay tuned.

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