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Susan's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Weeks 4 & 5
~ At Least We Know We're Fertile

This was only our second month trying, and I'd already taken three tests that came up negative, so when I was three days late, I just thought maybe my post-pregnancy cycle wasn't exactly back on track yet. But I'd bought pregnancy tests in bulk off the internet so I figured why not waste one more and test again. Much to my amazement, I saw a second line. I cried in the bathroom before I went in to wake up my husband. He just mumbled, "see I told you it would happen," and went back to sleep. My husband Chris is the eternal optimist, and I am, ummm a bit more, shall we say, guarded. That's the way it's always been. Probably one of those "opposites attract" deals.

I called the doctor and her response was, "Well, at least we know you're fertile." Which I guess is true even though I never thought about it before. The fear set in right away. What if something happens this time? What if the test was wrong? I mean the line was very, very faint. I immediately read everything I could find online about how pregnancy tests work. This is when I discovered the possibility of predicting a failing pregnancy by testing the hCG levels. We scheduled blood work for the following day to confirm the pregnancy and check my hCG levels. Then we took more blood three days later to make sure my hCG levels were doubling as they should, and they were. SOOOO - we're pregnant!

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