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Suzy's Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Suzy's pregnancy journal.

Suzy (26) works part-time as a cardiology tech. She and her husband, Paulie (32), have been married for three years and have a precious son, Ethan (2). Their second bundle of joy, Isabella Rose, arrived via c-section on September 21, 2010 at 39 weeks. She weighed in at 5 lbs, 14 oz.

Join Suzy as she takes us through her pregnancy week by week.

Suzy's Journal Entries

Meet Suzy

Week 8
Some Good News and Some Bad News

Week 9
More Bad News and Mixed Emotions

Week 10
Happy Birthday to my Little Man

Week 11
The Big Rainstorm

Week 12
Lots of Fun and Sunshine

Week 13
A Sigh of Relief

Week 14
Happy Birthday to Me!

Week 15
A Week Full of Worries

Weeks 16 & 17
IT'S A . . . !!

Week 18
A lot of Weight Lifted off my Chest

Weeks 19 & 20
A Bit of a SetBack

Week 21

Week 22
No News Is Good News

Weeks 23 & 24
Praying for the Best

Weeks 25 & 26
Glucose Test & Kidney Infection

Week 27
A Good Time

Weeks 28 & 29
This Weather Is Driving Me Nuts

Weeks 30 & 31
The Final Stretch and Single Digits

Week 32
A Baby Sprinkle

Weeks 33 & 34
Gestational Diabetes

Week 35
Finding a New Doctor

Week 36
I Can Barely Move

Week 37
One More Week!!!

Week 38
The Big Day Has Arrived

Birth Story
Isabella Rose Has Arrived

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