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Week 11
~ The Big Rainstorm

Hey Guys!

EthanI hope you all had a great weekend! My week was pretty uneventful until Friday came and we got hit with a big rainstorm. The rain started on Friday and here I am Monday writing this entry and it is still pouring outside. It was so bad that schools were closed today and over 87,000 are still left without power in New Jersey. There are trees and debris all over the streets and sidewalks. I haven't seen a rainstorm this big in a very long time. Paulie and I were getting worried at one point because we live on a dead end and a couple of houses down from us is the river. In 2000 when Hurricane Floyd had hit us all the houses on our block were under water. It was nervewracking and scary to watch all this rain coming down not knowing when it was going to stop. I feel a lot better now that the worst of the rainstorm has gone away!

Besides the rainstorm nothing much happened this week. I did get to hear my little peanut's heart rate and it was still going nice and strong. It is such a sigh of relief when I hear the heartbeat; it makes my entire week. Tomorrow I am going for the Down Syndrome ultrasound. Since my husband can't come, my sister-in-law, Rosalie, is coming with me and my mom is staying with Ethan, Matthew, and Aidan. Matthew and Aidan are my sister-in-law and my brother's sons. They have another son together, Brendan, who is thirteen years old. The Down Syndrome testing consist of blood work and an ultrasound that measures the baby's neck. When I went for my Down Syndrome testing for Ethan I did get to find out the sex which obviously was a boy and at the time I was only 12 weeks. As soon as the tech put the probe on my belly, she knew right away that it was a boy. I couldn't believe that she was able to see it so early in the pregnancy. I am hoping that tomorrow they take a peek and maybe I will be able to know if I am going to have a son or daughter! My gut tells me I am going to have another son, even though my pregnancy has been completely different from the first. With Ethan I had a gut feeling that I was having a boy and I was right so let's see if I am right with this one. My mother is hoping for a girl since she already has four grandsons and no granddaughters. I am looking forward to seeing my little peanut on the screen again. I can't wait! In my next entry I will post some of my ultrasound pictures.

Ethan and his bikeThis week I have been trying to get Ethan to go to the potty. At first he was having no problem using the potty; he would tell me when he would have to go and I would undress him and he would sit on the potty and do his business. Now he refuses to go and I don't know why. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any advice at this point would be great!

I did take Ethan for his two year doctor's appointment. He weighs 25 lbs and is 35 inches long. His height is in the 90th percentile meaning his is tall for his age and his weight is in the 10th percentile meaning he is skinny for his age. Overall he is healthy. I was worried with his throwing up. Every time he cries he ends up throwing everything up. I was starting to get worried because he would throw up so much and he wouldn't stop throwing up for a couple of minutes. The doctor isn't worried because he thinks he is just pushing his cry out too much when he cries and that's what is causing him to throw up but just to be on the safe side he does want me to take him to gastroenterologist. I am pretty sure everything is fine but for some piece of mind I am going to take him in a couple of weeks to make sure.

Ethan and his guitarBesides that Ethan has been his happy self and everyday is surprising me more and more with the words and phrases he is saying. I am so proud of my little man. I can't wait to be holding my two little munchkins in my arms. I have included three pictures of Ethan this week. The one is Ethan playing with his train table, and he is sitting in the drawer of the table which isn't good. LOL . . . I wouldn't be surprised if it breaks within the next couple of weeks! The second picture is Ethan riding his new bike that he got for his birthday from one of my cousins and the third picture if of him playing the guitar which he loves to do.

For such an uneventful week I sure did have a lot to say! I will update you on how my ultrasound went next week. Wish me Luck!!

Have a great week and weekend!

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