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Week 13
~ A Sigh of Relief

Hey Guys!

This week I started off with a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and I walked out of the doctor's office with a smile on my face. My doctor said that she got the results from the last ultrasound and that my two clots got a lot smaller which is a great sign. She said that within a couple of weeks the clots should be gone. I was so happy and relieved and I felt like a huge weight was lifted from my chest. Now that I know this great news, I have started feeling really good and stress free. Even though I still have to be careful for the rest of the pregnancy, it does help knowing that my risks of losing the baby have gotten smaller.

The only two things that I didn't enjoy about my appointment was that I gained ten pounds in four weeks and that I had an infection down there. The infection is now gone thanks to the cream I was using, and ever since my appointment I have been watching what I am eating. Next week my husband is going to bring the treadmill from his sister's back to our house. I plan on doing between 30 minutes to an hour five days a week on the treadmill so that way I won't gain a crazy amount of weight.

Tomorrow I begin my 14th week and there are times when I still can't believe that I am going to be having another baby. It's by far the best feeling in the world. I watch Ethan everyday and I have such an amazing time with him. Everyday he surprises me with something new!! I LOVE IT smile Everyone keeps asking me if I know the sex yet and hopefully I will find out soon. My gut tells me it's another boy but then sometimes I second guess myself because this pregnancy is so different than my first. I can't wait to find out!

On Sunday we are celebrating Easter, and my birthday! I can't believe that I am going to be 26 years old, and I will be closer to 30 than 20--thats scary! LOL! My birthday falls on Easter, April 4th, every couple of years. I really don't mind because I can't really do much considering I'm pregnant. My husband, Ethan and I are going to spend Saturday together celebrating my birthday. I am so looking forward to it!

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the week and have a wonderful Easter!!

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