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Suzy's Pregnancy Journal

Week 14
~ Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey Guys!

I am officially 26 years old. When I wrote my journal last week I was 25 and now a week later as I sit and write my journal I am 26. I celebrated Easter and my birthday on the same day this year which wasn't too bad. It was a beautiful day out, and I got to spend it with my family so I really couldn't have asked for a better day!

Ethan got so excited when he opened up his Easter gifts. He loved his Easter basket full of toys, and he loved his radio flyer scooter that his godparents got him! He rides it every single day and for a two year old, he is very good at it. He is riding it around the house as I sit here and write this journal. Since I have a big family, Ethan got alot of stuff on Easter and of course more clothes. Between his birthday and Easter he has over 60 summer outfits so that means every day he will be wearing a different one. LOL!

I can't believe that on my next birthday I will be celebrating it with two kids. I get teary eyed just thinking about it!

My pregnancy this week did bring on some surprises. I thought once I hit the second trimester that I would be feeling great and have all this energy like I did in my first pregnancy but that wasn't the case. I have been throwing up every morning and I feel so exhausted day in and day out. It also doesn't help that this week it hit almost ninety degrees. The heat alone exhausts me but hopefully by next week I will feel better. I really don't enjoy being in bed all day; I like to be out and about playing with Ethan or taking him to the park. I have a doctor's appointment a week from Monday so I can't wait to go in and make sure that everything is okay. I just want to hear my Peanut's heartbeat and that will reassure me that everything is okay.

Besides my morning sickness and being exhausted, I really can't complain about anything else. I am just happy to be pregnant and if I have to be sick for the next five months, I really don't care as long as the baby is healthy!!!

On Saturday I have a friend's wedding to go to so my mission for tomorrow after I leave work is to go find something for me to wear and something for Ethan to wear. I love putting Ethan in a suit; he looks so cute. I will make sure to add a picture of him all dressed up in my next journal entry.

Well guys, this is it for this week. It's been a long tiring week, and I am ready for bed so I can be up at 4:30am for work. Thank God it's Friday!!

Have a good week and a good weekend,

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