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Week 15
~ A Week Full of Worries

Hey Guys!

Week 15 kept me pretty busy. It all started when my husband woke up with half of his face swollen and a bad toothache. I immediately took him to the emergency dental clinic and within 15 minutues of arriving they were pulling out his badly infected tooth. My poor husband was in so much pain. I felt so bad for him. Considering I was throwing up everyday and couldn't keep any food down didn't help me out neither. I have been feeling more tired everyday and I just have no appetite and then when I finally do eat, I can't keep it down. I know in the end it is all worth it.

It did feel good to have my husband home from work a couple of days, I miss not having him around as often. We also had a wedding on Saturday and we had a great time and ate a lot. I was actually able to keep the food down which was a good thing. Sunday we spent the whole day relaxing and I loved it. I love lazy Sundays. Then Sunday night came and I started having bad stomach pains. I didn't sleep all night Sunday night into morning and by Monday morning I knew I had to call the doctor.

When I called, she had me come in right away. She said the baby's heart rate was fine, it was 168, and everything looked good. The one concern she did have was that I lost 9 pounds in a total of three weeks. She was not happy about that and put me on medication to stop the nausea. I am going in to see her in another week to make sure that everything is ok and that I am not losing anymore weight.

It has been a very stressful week but in the end, all I have to do is look at my son and it puts a smile on my face and to think that I have another one growing inside me makes everything worthwhile. I can't wait for September when I can hold both of my babies in my arms!

Until next week!

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