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Weeks 16 & 17
~ IT'S A . . . !!

Hey Guys!

Sorry I am combining two weeks into one entry, but these two weeks have been full of surprises. I went back to the doctor last Monday and I did put on four pounds which was good considering all the throwing up I have been doing. I did feel good for a couple of days and then after that, I threw up for six days straight. I definitely lost weight during those six days because my pants were very loose. It's been three days since I have thrown up so I am hoping that it's gone for good!! We had our cousin Alyssa's christening last Sunday and the food was amazing, I loved it! I am even thinking about having this little one's Christening there when I decide to have it.

On Monday we had an ultrasound and got to find out the sex of the baby. I am happy to say that I am going to have a daughter . . . yup, IT'S A GIRL!! We are sooo excited, I can't believe it! I really thought I was going to have another boy but when she said it was a girl, I thought I was going to jump off the table in excitement. Ethan points to everyone and tells them that's my sister. Ever since I found out I was pregnant and people would ask Ethan if he wanted a brother or sister, he always said "No brudder, I want sister" and it looks like he is gonna get his wish!

The day after I found out I headed out shopping for my little girl with my cousins Debbie and Jenn and had an awesome time. I have never shopped for a girl so everything was all new to me. It's definitely a lot of fun shopping for a girl! I told my husband that now when I go out to the store I have a reason to go into the boy section and the girl section . . . LoL. He just smiled. I can't wait to hold me daughter in my arms!!

The day after I had my ultrasound, I did run into my doctor at the hospital where I work and she did tell me that they found something abnormal in my ultrasound and that I would be getting a call from the office about it soon. She told me not to panic but I would have to get a level three ultrasound and possibly an amniocentesis. She didn't get into details because we were both in the middle of work but she also told me not to worry too much about it. The one thing she did mention was INCREASING ECHO SENSITIVITY OF THE BOWEL. The office called me today and left me a message so tomorrow I will talk to them more and find out a little more what is going on. I will definitely have an update in my next entry. If anyone has ever heard of experienced that in an ultrasound, please let me know and email me! I would really appreciate it! I am keeping myself busy and trying to stay positive, all I want is for my little girl to be healthy!!

I hope everyone has a great week!!

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