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Suzy's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 23 & 24
~ Praying for the Best

Hey Guys!!

Sorry for the delay in writing my journals. Its been a long two weeks! Paulie had a bachelor party one weekend and the following weekend I had the bachelorette party down in Atlantic City. We had a great time!

Paulie finally got to feel baby girl kick! I was laying in bed and she was kicking up a storm and I put his hand on my belly and she wouldn't stop kicking! It was a great moment!!

This past week has been a very stressful one. I had a doctor's appointment last Monday and my doctor told me the results of my amnio were normal and that they were just waiting for the cystic fibrosis part of my bloodwork to come back and we would know for sure if anything was wrong. On Tuesday night I got a call at around 8pm from my doctor. I knew right away something was wrong. My bloodwork showed that I tested positive for cystic fibrosis meaning I am a carrier. I couldn't believe it; it really upset me to hear that. Now we are working on testing my husband to see if he is a carrier. If he tests negative than the baby will be fine. If he tests positive, then there is a chance that baby girl could have cystic fibrosis. If he tests positive, we will go see a genetic counselor to go over everything. I am praying that he tests negative but even if he tests positive, this baby girl will have all the love and affection in the world!

This pregnancy has been a ride of emotions but we are ready to embrace whatever comes our way. I will know more next time I talk to the doctor and keep you updated!

I hope all the dads out there have a Happy Father's Day! Have a nice week and weekend!

Until next time . . .


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