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Suzy's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 30 & 31
~ The Final Stretch and Single Digits

Hey Guys!

I am getting more and more excited each week. I can't believe that we are down to single digits. Six more weeks and our little princess will be here. We have narrowed her name down to two and they are Isabella Rose or Haley Rose. So far Isabella Rose is in the lead. If Ethan were a girl he would have been Haley Rose but the name Isabella has been growing on us more and more. My husband's heart is set on Isabella so most likely that will be her name! My husband even has Ethan calling her Isabella and it sounds so cute when he says it. My mom's name is Rosa so that's why we are choosing her middle name to be Rose.

We finally got my husband's results back and he was found to be positive for a genetic disorder but they can't say it's cystic fibrosis because the gene is so rare, so basically it's inconclusive. It's real disappointing to me that after all the testing, they can't confirm whether or not our little girl has cystic fibrosis. The chances of her having it are really low but there is still a chance she can have it. The doctor also informed me that if she does have it, we won't be able to test for it until she is about a year old when they can do a sweat test. Whether or not she has it, it doesn't change a thing. We are ready for any challenges that come our way and she is going to get all the love and care in the world. I believe God wouldn't give you anything you couldn't handle. Bringing a child into this world is life's most amazing miracle and we feel so blessed to have our son and now our daughter. We can't wait until she is here so we can start having some amazing memories.

We did go to the doctor yesterday and everything looked good. I still haven't gotten myself to do the three hour glucose so hopefully this week! I did lose another two pounds but my little girl is still growing perfectly. I go back to the doctor again next week because she wants to keep an eye on me and make sure that everything is going ok.

Me and my husband are trying to decide whether we should send Ethan to school in September. He talks a lot and from what other people tell me he is very advanced for his age. My doctor told me yesterday that she can't believe how much he talks and how clearly he says things. He does speak English with me but when he is with my mom, it is all Portuguese. I think it would be good for him to go and interact with children his age, even though he does all the time with his cousins who are the same age as him. So Paulie and I are going to decide this week and if we do decide to send him we are going to start looking for schools.

Well it's 2pm which means it's time for me to leave work and go home to my little man! I hope you are all having a great summer!! Have a good week/weekend!!


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