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Week 37
~ One More Week!!!

Hey Guys!

37 weeksI hope everyone is having an awesome week!! This week I am getting all my last minute things done. My c-section is less than a week away. I'm not sure on the exact date and time but it is definitely either Monday the 20th or Tuesday the 21st. I am sooo excited that I am finally going to get to meet my baby girl who has been growing inside of me for the last nine months. I am definitely going to miss having her inside of me and feeling her kick and knowing that she is close to me but I am also done with being pregnant. I want to feel and sleep normal again.

Tomorrow I am going to the doctor and I am suppose to meet the new doctor that is going to do my c-section. As of right now she is the doctor that is set to do my c-section but today I got a call from my old doctor. We talked for a little bit and she told me that she might be able to come to the hospital on either Monday or Tuesday and do my c-section. The hospital will allow her to do it as long as the practice lets her do it. I was so excited when she told me this because she is the one I have been seeing all along and that is who I feel more comfortable with. She is suppose to give me back a call tomorrow and let me know for sure if she can do it and if she can we will set a date and time. I CAN'T WAIT!!

I went on maternity leave last Friday and I probably won't go back to work until the baby is about three months. I am curious to see how I am going to handle working and have a baby and a two year old. Should be real interesting! I look forward to my three months at home with Ethan and Isabella; I am going to enjoy every second of it! It is going to be so hard to go back to work leaving the two of them but right now I am focused on being a stay at home mom for the next couple of months.

Football season began this Sunday and I enjoyed spending my day at home with Ethan and Paulie watching football all day long. Sundays are going to get even better when it's the four of us. I absolutely love football Sundays at home with the family; it's such a great feeling! I was so happy that the Giants won and the Cowboys lost. My husband on the other hand wasn't to happy. LoL.

My hospital bag is packed and Isabella's bag is all ready to go. I plan on writing one more journal entry before my c-section so my next entry will definitely be my last before my birth story. I can't believe that I have made it to the top of the list; I thought this time would never come. Even though I had a rough pregnancy and a lot of complications, I would do it all over again because nothing amounts to the joy and happiness I am feeling right now. She is not even here yet and I already have tears in my eyes thinking about the first time I will lay eyes on her!

Anyway, before I really start to cry I am going to go get ready for bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and weekend!!

P.S. I have posted a picture of me at 37 weeks!!


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