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Week 38
~ The Big Day Has Arrived

Hey Guys!

Today is the big day!!!!! It's 1am and at 5am Paulie and I will be heading to the hospital for my c-section. They want me in the OR at 9am ready to go. I have so many mixed emotions right now and as you can tell I can't sleep. I am excited, nervous, anxious, etc. about meeting my daughter and having my c-section. It feels like a dream and I won't believe it until I am holding our precious little girl. When I found out in January that I was pregnant, September seemed like an eternity away and here I am sitting at my computer talking about holding my daughter in a couple of hours.

I had my last doctor's appointment last Tuesday and I had another NST. They kept me hooked up for over an hour because Isabella's heart rate was going all over the place but after a while it got back to normal. I was beginning to get a little nervous but the doctor let me know that everything was ok.

Then the following day I got a call at night time from my old doctor that had just moved and she told me that she was able to somehow to convince the hospital to allow her to do my c-section. I couldn't believe it! I was so happy and relieved because that is who I wanted all along. At first she had scheduled it for Monday but the OR was booked so we decided to do it first thing Tueaday morning. I can't begin to tell you how much weight was lifted off my chest when she told me she could do my c-section. I was really upset that I would have to see a brand new doctor and trust a new doctor this late in my pregnancy. I had the biggest smile on my face after I hung up the phone with her!! I also decided that I am going to follow her to her new office and allow her to continue to be my doctor. She is really great at what she does!

Anyway guys I am going to try to lay down and get some rest because in a couple of hours my princess will be entering the world. I can't wait to hold her in my arms and give her all the kisses, hugs, and love in the world. I will try to post my birth story as soon as we get settled into our new life of a family of four! I will also make sure to post plenty of pictures!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! WISH ME LUCK!!


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