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~ Meet Tamira

Tamira and familyMy name is Tamira and I am 29 years old. I have been married to my wonderful husband Gary for 9 years. I have an 11 year old daughter, Brooke, from a previous marriage, and Gary and I share an 8 year old daughter, Rachel.

Gary and I actually met about 13 years ago, when I was 16 and he was 20 (I lied about my age). We casually dated for about a month before I decided that he wanted a much more serious relationship than my 16 year old mind was ready for. Besides that, he was “too nice”. I liked the “bad boy” image back then. So I went back to dating my “on again/off again” boyfriend of 3 years.

I found out that I was pregnant with my first child the summer before my senior year of high school. I was 17. So, we did what any “mature teenage” couple would do and we got married. So by January of my senior year, I was a wife, a mother, a student, I had my own apartment, and a job. Quite a load for an 18 year old to handle, but I managed. When Brooke was 6 months old, I graduated from high school at the top of my class.

Because of immaturity and “conflict of interest” that marriage was over right after Brooke’s 1st birthday. Life with a “bad boy” and a baby did not mix.

Now, I was determined not to have to move back home with my parents, so I stopped going to college (probably not the best move in hindsight), and started waiting tables full time. It was pretty good money for a 19 year old single mother. Not to mention a great way for “Mr. Nice Guy” to walk back into my life and sweep me off of my feet. Well, maybe not quite like that, but he (Gary) was my very first customer at this job, and we did start dating immediately. He told me that he had always thought about me after we broke up and hoped that we would run into each other again. We have been together ever since. Brooke and Gary hit it off immediately. It was great to have someone totally devoted to me and my daughter. Our second daughter, Rachel, was born almost 2 years later.

Now for the last eight years we have been a happy family of four. We bought a nice, new 3 bedroom, 2 bath, home in a nice area about six years ago. Gary has been at his job for 10 years and I have been at mine for six (I was a SAHM for three years before that). We are pretty established now and we decided about six years ago that we were not going to have any more children, that our family was complete and we were happy. AND THEN last summer in July, we had a pregnancy scare. I thought that I might be pregnant for about two weeks. When I told my husband our concerns started out with, “What will we do?” “This won’t work out.” “We can’t afford this.” “What will the girls think?”. But then, by the end of the two weeks we had come to the conclusion that if God had given us another child, He must have a plan for us. Then we started to get excited and even thought up “his” name, because if God wanted us to have another child, then surely he wanted it to be a boy. I mean, we already have two girls. However, in the end, we were not pregnant. Boy were we surprised at our disappointment. So after several weeks of discussion and serious prayer, we decided that maybe our family wasn’t complete and we started trying for baby # 3. We found out on February 14th that “ready or not,” #3 is on the way!

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