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Week 10 - March 27, 2006
~ Maternity Bound

I am officially bound to maternity clothes for the next 7 months. I finally had to break down and buy maternity pants. Yes, they were too big, but pinning them up was better than wearing pants that were too tight. When you can no longer even half zip your pants/skirts, it is time. However, with the seasons about to change, and the weather here in Georgia being as crazy as it is this time of year, I only bought one pair of neutral colored pants and one skirt at the store, and two more skirts off of the internet. I want to wait until the warm weather sets in for good before I totally boost my wardrobe.

Am I destined to feel nauseous for the rest of this pregnancy? Or will it really start to ease up around week 12? Come on week 12, Mama needs a date with Daddy!

Rachel, my youngest daughter, will start her piano lessons on Wednesday. She is really excited about that. A teenage girl at our church will be teaching her, and is only charging $5 a week. She is really good too.

Brooke takes guitar lessons right now and is doing very well. She is in the 4th of a 6 week session. She really enjoys that.

I love both of my girls so very much. I canít imagine what it will be like with a new baby joining the family. It is exciting and scary at the same time. I know that the girls will truly love their new sibling, but at the same time they will be dealing with other issues, like Rachel no longer being the baby of the family, or the fact that Brooke and Rachel will probably have to share a room for the first time in 6 years. What an adjustment. I mean, Brooke is my sports loving, donít get that hair bow within 5 yards of me, tom-boy. Rachel is the complete opposite princess loving, the more hair bows the better, girly-girl. I know that the Lord will work it all out for us, I am just anxious to see how.

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