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Week 11 - April 3, 2006
~ Solutions

Well, I am starting to figure out little ways to keep this nausea from getting the best of me. Here are my tips for the day:

*Don’t eat until you feel full. Stop when you are not hungry anymore but still have room.

*Don’t eat fried food, ever. It has not one time agreed with me.

*Only eat when you are hungry, not because the clock dictates meal time.

Now, if I would only follow these simple little rules, I would feel so much better.

My youngest daughter Rachel and I had the opportunity to watch my 1 year old nephew Christopher this weekend. It is the first time that we have kept him. It was such a joy to watch Rachel take care of him. It truly opened my eyes to what a wonderful gift it will be to have 2 older daughters to help me with this baby. Rachel was incredible with Christopher. His feet would not have touched the ground 1 time that day if he had not wanted them to. Rachel carried him and played with him the whole time that he was with us. I was so thankful too because I had absolutely zero energy. All I had to do was change one diaper, because she “was not doing that.” (hand on hip).

Well, Saturday night my husband and I finally got to celebrate our 9th anniversary (February 25th). Because I have been nauseous and icky feeling since finding out I was pregnant, I wanted to wait until I felt good to go out on our “anniversary date.” The kids spent the night out on Saturday and we had a great time. I am married to a truly wonderful man.

Thanks to the help of my very best friend, I have solved my bedroom sharing dilemma (not for me and Gary, but for Brooke and Rachel). I have been feeling so guilty lately about having to make my girls share a room after 6 years of having their own bedrooms. I was under the impression that putting them together would be the only solution because they are so much closer in age than either of them will be to a newborn. Not to mention, babies nap all of the time, and whoever shared with the baby would never get to be in their room. Well, when I expressed this concern to Julie (my best friend) she immediately said that Brooke was getting to be too old to share a room (almost 12 when baby arrives) and that privacy would be a much bigger issue for her at that age. She without hesitation felt that the baby should room with Rachel. I said, "What if it’s a boy"? She said, “who cares when they are that young?” So I started thinking about it. This could work. Not to mention, baby can nap in my room. I feel good about this. I could make it a big deal for Rachel. She would get a total room make-over. New bunk beds, new bed linens, and new wall color. The works! It immediately felt like the right decision. I discussed it with my husband and he thought that it sounded good. And then I discussed it with my mom to make sure that it really was good because my husband always agrees with what makes me happy, and she thought it sounded good. She told me about how she was thrilled when her baby sister moved into her room, and there were 8 years difference between them just like there will be with Rachel and this baby. This must be the right decision. So, the ultimate test. We decided to tell Rachel. She was thrilled. Mostly because she will get to have bunk beds. So, that dilemma has successfully and guiltlessly been solved, at least for the next year or two. Then, we will definitely have to move.

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