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Week 16 - May 11, 2006
~ Who are you calling moody?

Okay, I’ll admit, the ol’ hormones have been working overtime the last couple of weeks, but I totally have an excuse. I am tired. I worked overtime almost everyday last week while the boss (my father) was on vacation. I did get to take Friday “off” because I worked so much, but that was so that I could go to my children’s Field Day at school, which was in itself was no day off. Field Day is just another way of saying, ” kids go crazy and we’ll give you some ribbons for it at the very end.” Not to mention that for the last 2 hours the kids are allowed to run around and squirt each other with water guns. This would not have been so bad if total Anarchy had not broken out at the water hose. I cannot stand to see older kids using their size to keep the little kids from getting a chance at the hose. So, Angry Mama (that’s me) walks over there and snatches the hose and says, “Okay! Line up! I’m in charge of this hose! If you are not in line, you will not get water!” This works out well the first 15 minutes, but then my back started to hurt from bending over all of those short people with water guns, and after 20 minutes I am in agony. At this point, total Anarchy doesn’t really sound all that bad, I mean, what’s wrong with survival of the fittest? Finally, a teenager from the high school came over to relieve me. I could have proposed marriage to him at that point. What a hero.

So I spent all of Friday night recovering so that I could spend all of Saturday morning and part of the afternoon decorating for our High School's annual “Sports Banquet.” Have I ever mentioned that I am the high school cheerleading coach for the Christian School that my children go to? Well, from September to February I am, as we only cheer through the basketball season. Well it is the cheerleading coach’s job to do the “Sports Banquet.” Luckily I have a wonderful sponsor who decided that this would be all her (praise the Lord). All I had to do was show up on Saturday morning and help put it all together. Helping to do this, and believe me, I was not that much help, really wore me out. I took a 2 hour nap afterwards and then had to go back to the banquet. There was no special speaker and the banquet still lasted from 6:30 until 9:30. 3 hours! And then it took an hour for everyone to clean up afterwards. I was pooped when I got home. And I still had to teach my 2 and 3 year old Sunday School class on Sunday. Lluckily, I really enjoy that and do not consider it work.

So, did I snap a little on Monday when I had to go to the grocery store after work and cook dinner that night? Yes.

Did I snap a little on Tuesday when I had “another” headache? Yes.

Did I snap a little on Wednesday when a bad storm came through and knocked our power out for 12 hours and I missed a brand new episode of Lost? Yes.

Will I snap today even though my wonderful husband is taking me on a dinner date, no children? Probably, but do you know what? I am growing life, and that is not an easy job.

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