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Week 17 - May 18, 2006
~ Motherís Day/Doctorís Appointment

Well, happy belated Motherís Day to all mothers. I had a great Motherís Day. It started out with the girls waking me up on Sunday morning with breakfast in bed. Brooke made me scrambled eggs, Rachel made cinnamon toast, and Gary supervised the cooking and made the grits (yes, we live in the South). It was very heavenly. Then Rachel gave me a lovely homemade card and a vase full of flowers that she cut from my garden. It had roses, salvia, and some other flowers that I donít remember the names of. It was very beautiful. Brooke gave me a lovely ďmotherĒ candle holder with a very sentimental message attached to it and a very funny card. And then my ever so thoughtful husband gave me a gift certificate for a much needed (and much hinted about) pedicure. What a good man. He might just get lucky over that one.

After church I got to spend some quality time together with Brooke and my mother. Rachel chose to play with her cousin Skylar. It is just so neat that my oldest daughter is at an age where she would rather stay in the house and have girl talk then to go out and play with the other kids. She is growing up so fast. I am just amazed at her maturity (sometimes, I mean she is still 11) and how she has her goals set for the future. She is such a joy.

On Wednesday, yesterday, I went for my monthly checkup and consult. The consult wasnít too bad; they just got a lot of family history and information about my previous births. They gave me a lot of free stuff too (woo-hoo!). As far as my doctorís appointment goes, it was pretty routine. They checked my weight and I lost 3 pounds. This apparently was okay because nobody said anything about it. They checked the heartbeat, it took a minute to find, but it was there. I wanted to ask how many beats per minute, but Dr. C seemed to be in a hurry, so I didnít. I guess I wonít be trying to guess gender by that method this month. Oh, yeah, we scheduled my ultrasound for June 8th. I am so excited about that. Just 3 weeks away from finding out if we will be decorating Rachelís whole room in little lavender flowers with soft green walls or if half of the room will be done in little froggies. Either way, I cannot wait!

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