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Week 18 - May 26, 2006
~ Swelling and Other Stuff

This past week my feet have really been swelling. I guess it could be because of the high temperatures (93 degrees yesterday) here. I believe that I really started to notice it on Sunday when I was sitting in church. It was warmer than usual in the auditorium as they have been having trouble with the air conditioning unit. So, I took my sandals off during the sermon to make myself a little cooler. Well, when it came time to stand up for the invitation at the end of the service, I couldnít get my shoes back on my feet. I pushed and pushed and finally got them on enough so that I didnít have to walk out barefooted, but I was shocked because I wasnít expecting this type of swelling so soon. I figured that the heat just got to me, but then on Wednesday I had to go to a meeting two hours away). I wore a different, looser fitting pair of sandals to this meeting. My feet were fine all day, but on the drive home my right foot started to slowly slip out of my shoe. When I went to push it back in, it would not go. It was too swollen. So when I arrived home I had one shoe on and one shoe half way on. The driveway was too hot or I would have gone in barefooted.

Now, speaking of the meeting that I had to go to. How is it, that before I leave to go out of town for a meeting, I always make sure that my all of my work is complete, i.e. applications are completed, copied and filed correctly; all of the extra filing is completed; I have contacted all customers who have needed my help; and my desk is left neat and organized so that my boss doesnít have anything to worry about except for what new business might come in that day (I am quite the employee if I must say so myself), but when I get back, only one day later, everything is a wreck? There were 3 new applications laying on my desk, not copied or even put into a file folder; there were 3 payments that needed to be receipted; magazines were in disarray all over the coffee table; and he left 3 file cabinet drawers open in the file room, like he couldnít muster up enough energy after writing all 3 of those apps (dripping with sarcasm), to push them closed. Now donít get me wrong, I love my boss, he is my father after all, and he really is a wonderful boss, but come on Daddy, you arenít totally helpless, close the stinkiní file cabinets. Gee-wiz.

I have to know if anybody else is having this problem. I am not able to eat whenever I want to. I mean, I can eat breakfast just fine, and then I usually have a nutra-grain bar around 11:00 a.m. Then I have lunch around 12:30 at which point I am stuffed for the rest of the day, and not because I ate too much. I mean it is like the top part of my belly (where my stomach is) literally is stuffed. It is very tight and full. By the end of the day, it pokes out farther than the bottom where the baby is. I usually cannot even eat a light dinner. Now I remember being this way in the last month of my pregnancy with Rachel because she was so big (9 lbs 11oz) and she was pushing on my stomach and I couldnít eat much, but that was in the 9th month. I am only 18 weeks now. I will definitely be discussing this with my doctor, but I just wonder if anyone else is dealing with this?

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