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Week 19 - June 1, 2006
~ Ouch! Donít touch me, Iím sunburned!

What an idiot I am. On Saturday, I decided that it was too hot to be doing any much needed yard work, house work, or any other types of work for that matter. So, I decided that we would pack up and head to the local water park. Now, let me tell you, I am usually very meticulous about putting on sunscreen, especially on my girls. Now, when I was little, I used to see other parents putting sunscreen on their kids, and I thought they were weird. My parents never put sunscreen on us. Of course, I donít recall getting sunburned very often, as I had a slightly darker pigment to my skin back then due to some Native American ancestry, but I digress. I always apply Brooke's and Rachelís sunscreen before we leave the house, so that they can marinate in it on the way to the park. Now, I donít usually apply my sunscreen until we get to the park because mine is oily. Well, when we first got to the pool and got settled in, I decided not to put my sunscreen on right away because I wanted to get into the water first. The rest is history. I forgot to ever put it on. I did not think anything else about it until about 2 hours later when my shoulders started to sting. I took off my sunglasses very slowly as it dawned on me the mistake that I had made. My shoulders looked like two bright red tomatoes. I went ahead and applied loads of sunscreen, knowing that it was useless because the damage had already been done. I was burnt with a capital ďBĒ. The upside to this fiasco is that I am pregnant, thus only able to get burnt on the front side due to my ever expanding belly.

Now, on the baby front this week let me tell you, this little bundle has been making itself known. The movements are so much stronger and frequent then they have been before. They still arenít strong enough for Gary and the girls to feel yet, but it wonít be long now. This baby is all over the place. This is definitely my favorite part about pregnancy, aside from Gary wanting to wait on me hand and foot. I love that man! Yes honey, I would love to go get you another Take 5 ice-cream bar from the store. Yes honey, I would love to go and get you a diet Dr. Pepper. I am not being sarcastic at all. He truly loves that I am carrying his child and he loves to take care of me. He does it when I am not pregnant too, but he is not as enthusiastic about then. Did I tell you that I love that man??

We are also getting excited about the upcoming ultrasound on June 8th. I know that the main reason that they perform the ultrasound is not so that they can determine the sex of the baby, but that is definitely something that myself and my family are looking forward to. It has been very hard to go all of these weeks disciplining myself to buy absolutely nothing until we know the sex of the baby. I allowed myself to buy one package of newborn diapers when we first found out that I was pregnant, but that was it. It has been very hard, but this shopping diet is hopefully about to come to an end. Checkbook, Credit CardsóStart your engines!!

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