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Tamira's pregnancy journal

Weeks 21 & 22 - June 22, 2006
~ Theme Park Adventures

I am sorry about my late journal entry, but I will explain about that later in this entry.

So, the family and I survived Disney World. I did not kill or harm any of them. The first day that we arrived, after a 7 hour drive and other extenuating circumstances that I will explain later, I was a bit cranky. But all in all we had a great time. I did better than I thought I would considering that I did all of that walking through 3 different theme parks for 3 days and rode a total of 4 rides. Whoo-hoo. Of course, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to ride much of anything going into this, and I thought that I was prepared for this mentally, but the first ride that they got on without me was a little devastating. It was Space Mountain. They left me in the adjoining gift shop to go and have fun without me and I sat in a photo booth and cried. After that first initial shock, I was okay. Actually, all of that alone time that I had while my family stood in lines and rode rides, gave me time to sit and watch thousands of people walk by. As I did this, hour upon hour, I started to make the same observations about people over and over until eventually, I decided to write them down to share with others.

Tamira’s Theme Park Observations
  1. It is stupid to wear high heels to Disney World. Why would you do that?

  2. Built in bras are not really bras at all, unless you are 20. Saggy is not pretty and takes about 10 years off of your appearance. Women, support yourselves!

  3. Wives, don’t yell at your husbands in public, even if he is dumb. It really makes you look like a shrew, even if you are right.

  4. Mothers, put bras on your daughters when they start to develop. I cannot stand to see a young girl revealing what should not be revealed. There are perverts out there!

  5. Birds at Disney World are not scared of anything. They fly right at you!

  6. Nobody is anxious to pick up a penny. I saw someone drop a penny in front of me and no one picked it up for at least half an hour.

  7. I have never seen so many motorized scooters/wheelchairs in my life. It makes me wonder if some people just did not want to walk. Maybe I was just jealous.

Well, that’s it. We made it home safely. And really had a lot of fun.

We also got some sad news while we were on vacation. Our adopted dog of 1 year, Maggie, died Monday while we were on vacation. We had to take her to the vet the day before we left because she wouldn’t eat and couldn’t walk. We were pretty sad about that, but didn’t tell the girls until we got home from vacation. They took it pretty well.

Also, the reason that my journal entry was this late is that my wonderful, wonderful grandmother passed away this week on Tuesday. She had been sick for a long time and was ready to go. I will miss her greatly.

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