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Week 24 - July 7, 2006
~ I Gained What?!

7 pounds?? In 1 month?? This cannot be correct. Last month my total weight gain was 7 pounds, and they are telling me that I doubled that in ONE MONTH? My mind keeps telling me that there must be some mistake. I mean my clothes still fit, elastic waist panels aside. The Weight Watcher inside of me (way deep down inside since this pregnancy began) keeps trying to come up with excuses for this weight gain, such as, last month I weighed in the morning and this time I had just eaten lunch, or I didnít weigh on the same scale, or maybe it is that time of the month and I am retaining water (wait, I canít use that one). I mean really, it canít be the fact that I have picked up a terrible Oreo McFlurry addiction could it? I only eat 1 a day - everyday.

Well, I guess this is my wake up call. I have got to start paying closer attention to what I am eating. We have really been eating out a lot since we went on vacation last month. I guess I will have to restart the relationship that I used to have with my kitchen. More cooking and less eating out. 7 pounds?? Good Grief!

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