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Week 25 - July 13, 2006
~ Gargantuan Hic-Ups and Lime Sherbet

One side effect of this pregnancy that I have not made mention of as of yet, now bares mentioning as it has escalated itself to the level of “Gargantuan” Hic-Ups. Now they started out as just the occasional surprise hic-up. Just 1 hic-up every now and then throughout the day. And then last month they really started to make themselves known. They escalated in volume and frequency and even sometimes would come in double time (hic-up, hic-up). Not yet too annoying and kind of funny. But now, over the last few weeks, not only have they increased even more in volume and frequency, but they are now accompanied by some very vicious heartburn. I have tried and tried to figure out what triggers the onset of these sporadic attacks, but I cannot figure it out. I mean, they happen first thing in the morning while I am in the shower and my stomach is still empty. Instead of waking Gary up with a melodious chorus of “Figaro” coming from our shower he is now serenaded by a chorus of “hic-up hic-up hic-up” with the occasional groan of “Oww” when the heartburn kicks in. And the belly freshly filled with Frosted Mini Wheats does not show partiality to this tune either as my car radio is numerously outdone by the “hic-up chorus” on my way to work. I am constantly apologizing to customers at work and feeling obligated to explain this monstrosity that has taken over my life. I mean really I suppose that I shouldn’t complain, I mean if this is the worst pregnancy symptom that I have so far I should be grateful. I mean it will make for a great story one day, and it is a great conversation starter. My kids really get a kick out of it too, unless they come on during a movie, then Brooke, my oldest, kicks in with her chorus of “Shhhhh!”

Well, we have recently started the redecorating of my youngest daughter Rachel’s bedroom. This is the bargaining chip that we used in exchange for giving up half of her room to her soon to arrive baby sister. When we (Rachel and I) first started to discuss decorating ideas for her room, we were totally in sync. At first she wasn’t too keen on the idea of giving up her pink walls, but she quickly warmed up to the idea of having a soft sage green color on her walls. Totally in sync. So, several weeks ago we went shopping for some new bed linens (she is also getting bunk beds). While I am looking for something to match sage walls, maybe a quilted spread with some sage and pink and white patterns, Rachel is busy checking out the more modern patterns. She eventually sets her heart on a spread that not only will not go with sage green walls, but scoffs at the thought of sage green. We are no longer in sync at this point. “Rachel”, I say, “These colors do not go with sage green walls.” Her response, with puppy dog eyes was, “but we can still paint it green. See,” as she points to a lime green stripe on the spread. “Rachel” I say, “you cannot paint your walls lime green.”

“Why not?” “Well, because.”

“Because why? I like it.”

“Well, because it is LIME green.”

I feel at this point that she should understand what I am trying to tell her, but she is just not getting it. I then suggest a soft yellow or pale blue, but to no avail. She wants green. So, after putting off the inevitable, on Tuesday this week I went to the paint store . . . without Rachel. I debated for some time between a nice soft yellow and a not too limey lime green. Guilt finally won out and I bought the green. I didn’t want to look at the room until Gary was completely finished painting it (it only took one day), and when I did there was only one thing I could say. Lime Sherbet. What else can I say? Do I like it? Not really. Does Rachel like it? She loves it. Will the new baby like it? I hope she colors on it and we have to repaint the room. Maybe then Rachel will like yellow.

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