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Week 26 - July 21, 2006
~ Moving right along

Boy oh boy, one thing that you do not want to have done when you are pregnant is to have new carpet installed throughout your house. It was like we were packing up to move. I mean the carpet installers moved the big furniture, but as far as our bedrooms and closets go, we have things stashed everywhere. They are not junkie, but wherever there is a hiding place, there is a storage box of some kind. But, at least for now, everything is put into its rightful place and neatly organized, except for the corner of our living room where I am collecting yard sale fodder for the sale we will be having on July 29th.

A plus to this week is that Rachelís bunk beds came in surprisingly early. We were told it would take 6 weeks for delivery, but as it turned out the furniture store had them in stock and they were delivered in 1 week. And surprisingly enough, I must admit that her room does not look too bad. I was definitely worried about her lime sherbet walls, but the white furniture against them really softens it up.

As far as baby news goes this week, this little girl has been wiggling up a storm. I swear that she was moving all day long yesterday, and was still at it when I woke up this morning. She is very busy in there. It is reassuring to feel her moving all of the time, but it makes me a little nervous when she doesnít take a break.

I go for my gestational diabetes test on Monday. I hope all goes well there. I didnít have any problems with GD with my other 2 girls, so I hope this time is no different.

I have decided that if I will get any new stretch marks during this pregnancy, they will definitely be on my feet and ankles. I have never heard of this happening to anyone before, but I am telling you that I will be the first. How can they get any bigger? If I wasnít in such a bad need of a pedicure, I would post a picture of them. Horrible. Just horrible.

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