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Week 27 - July 28, 2006
~ Smooth-a-licious

Well, I passed my Gestational Diabetes test on Monday with flying colors. I was at 121, whatever that means. Apparently it means flying colors because that is what Dr. C said. Another good report from the doctor was that my weight was down by 1 pound. If you have been reading my journal you know that I had a 7 pound weight gain in the last month alone. After that I cut out my Oreo McFlurries and have stopped eating out as much. So in making those changes it appears that my weight is evening out. My total gain for this pregnancy so far is 13 pounds.

Now, as my title suggests, there is a new love in my life that has totally taken the place of my Oreo McFlurry addiction. Fruit Smoothies from our local smoothie shop. Umm . . . umm they are good. They are made with 100% juice and real fruit with a little bit of sherbet to top it off. I have had them for lunch and last night I had one for dinner. Strawberries, peaches, bananas, passion juice, and orange sherbet. Yummy!

I mentioned in my journal last week that I was getting ready to have a yard sale this Saturday on July 29th. Well, making mention of it was all of the motivation that I have had. I am going to have to save that project for when Gary can get a Saturday off of work. I have felt great pretty much this whole 2nd trimester, I just have never gotten my energy back. Just thinking about having a yard sale makes me want to take a nap.

My husbandís two best friends also have wives who are pregnant. One was due in August, the other in September, and I am due in October (it was not planned that way). Well, the one due in August went in yesterday at 38 weeks, and they now have a precious baby boy. Also, my step-brother and his wife just had their 2nd child yesterday. With all of these babies being born, I am getting a bit anxious to meet my little bundle. The weeks have been flying by this whole pregnancy, but now they seem to be slowing down a bit. I am so ready. I can hardly wait!

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