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Week 28 - August 4, 2006
~ I love this belly

Tamira!Let me tell you, I am not particularly sensitive about the growing size of my pregnant belly. As a matter of fact, I am in love with how big and round that it is. It makes us smile. I am not bothered by comments that people make like, ďAre you about ready to pop?Ē As a matter of fact, people who donít know me have a hard time believing that I have a whole 12 weeks left to go. One of my customers even argued with me about it yesterday. I told her that I was due October 24th and she told me, ďI donít think so girl, it looks more like September to me.Ē These types of comments make me laugh. My daughter Brooke particularly loves to poke fun of my growing belly and I donít mind a bit. I mean, if the truth be told, I almost canít fit in a booth at a restaurant anymore. However, I had someone say something to me on Saturday that really got to me. It was my sister-in-law. Now donít get me wrong, I really believe that she thought that she was complimenting me, but actually her comment struck the wrong cord. We were at the water park and my maternity bathing suit was on and plastered to my belly. She exclaimed to me that I looked great. She didnít think that I looked like I had gained any weight. She said that I was barely showing. What?! Barely showing? Have I always looked 7 months pregnant?? Come on now sister, get with the program. I look ready to pop for crying out loud! Couldnít she see that?? Gee-wiz. But that is okay. She didnít mean any harm. I think she just wanted to make me feel skinny.

A new development over the past week or so are these Braxton Hicks contractions. They are really giving me a workout. I donít remember them starting this early, but all of the books say that it is normal. I guess my uterus really has some work to do to get into shape for this labor. I mean it has been on a 9 year hiatus.

Is it hot enough for you? If I hear that question from a customer one more time, I am going to blow. I mean really, WE LIVE IN GEORGIA PEOPLE! It would be different if I lived somewhere up north where these arenít the normal temperatures, but we arenít. We are in Georgia, home of hot and humid. Now one thing that I have found, living here all of my life, is that it only feels so hot. If it is 95 degrees, it feels hot. If it is 105 degrees it feels hot. Now maybe it is because my body has adapted to it from living here all of my life, but once the thermometer reaches a certain temperature, it doesnít feel any different. Just hot.

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