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Week 32 - August 31, 2006
~ 8 Weeks to Go!

We finally had our Yard Sale on Saturday and it was quite a success. We made a pretty decent amount of money despite the fact that our couch and chair didnít sell, and despite the fact that we got ripped off by "counterfeiters." Yes, thatís right, somebody passed me and my sister a fake 20 dollar bill. We knew that it was fake because when I took it inside to put with the other larger bills; it looked slightly different, kind of faded. Then I felt it and it felt different. And then for the ultimate test, we held it up to the light and the little strip wasnít in it. By the time I figured it out those counterfeiters were long gone, but we were able to give the police a pretty good description of them, especially since the woman was nine months pregnant! The police said that they had been pulling that scam all over town, but this is the first description that they had. But what makes this scam even worse is that not only are we out the 20 dollars counterfeit money, but what they bought from me only cost 15 dollars. I gave them $5 change! I suppose I shouldnít be too upset because my sister gave them $12 change. Stinkiní criminals.

My doctorís appointment on Monday went smoothly. I lost half of a pound, but I have a funny feeling that I put it right back on yesterday. I was hungry all day long, and I ate all day long. I guess that I was just so happy that I could finally eat that I went overboard. I will definitely have to watch that from now on.

My next doctorís appointment will be on September 12th at 34 weeks, and then at 35 weeks I will go in for the Group B Strep test. I am not looking forward to that at all. I never had to have that with my first 2 daughters, so I will be in unchartered waters on this. I suppose that it canít be any more invasive than all of the other stuff that will happen throughout this pregnancy and delivery.

The baby has been so active. The doctor told me that he was pretty sure that she was in head down position and will probably stay that way. I would have to agree with him because of how and where she moves. Most of her kicks are on the right side of my belly and sometimes if she pushes hard enough I swear that I can feel a little arm or leg pushing out. The big bulges, which I believe are her little bottom, usually come across the top of my tummy. Gary and the girls get such a kick out of watching my belly "shape-shift." Sometimes, I have to admit that it is pretty alien looking.

The ladies at my church are giving me a baby shower on September 9th. At first, I felt kind of awkward about this because they usually only have them for first time mothers. This being my third child, I certainly did not expect it. It seems that they all sympathize with the fact that it has been almost 9 years since I have had a baby. Whatever the case, they are a wonderful group of women and I am so thankful to have them.

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