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Week 33 - September 8, 2006
~ Only 7 Weeks to Go . . . I Think Iíll Complain a Little Bit

I am so tired of heartburn. It is literally the worst side effect of pregnancy. I have it constantly, and Iíll tell you what else, I hate Tums. They used to not be so bad, they even have some pretty good flavors, but when you take them almost every hour of every day, you tend to get sick of them. They just become chalk bombs the moment I start to chew. Instead of taking Tums at night, I have started taking Mylanta. Now, this stuff really works, if you can manage to choke it down, but it does have its side effects. Diarrhea. That is why I will only take Mylanta at night.

And now I will get a little personal (as if diarrhea isnít personal enough). Hemorrhoids. Now there is a side effect that I could do without. Now I havenít been plagued by them often, but between the Mylanta and the hemorrhoids, I have not had the best of weeks if you catch my meaning.

And then let me get to this little giant that I am growing. Until the last week or so I have been relatively comfortable carrying this little bundle around, but it seems like in just no time she has transformed from a little bundle into a rapidly developing giant. Every move she makes is huge. There have been several occasions when I thought that she was trying to kick her way out. My poor bladder will never be the same. I thought that there might be a chance that this baby will be born smaller than Rachelís whopping 9 pound and 11 ounces, but now I am just not sure. I have a doctorís appointment on Tuesday, and I will ask if she can give me a guess on this babyís size. I am sure that she is at least 20 pounds already. Well, whatever her weight is, I am so ready to meet her.

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