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Week 34 - September 15, 2006
~ 6 weeks and counting . . .

I was given the most wonderful baby shower ever on Saturday. There were so many ladies that attended that I was overwhelmed. I could not believe that so many people cared about me and this little baby. It was truly wonderful. There were several ladies who went in together on their gift and bought the crib that I have been saving for. How great was that? I donít think that I have ever seen so many little pink and purple clothes in my life. I will never have to wash any clothes. I donít think that this baby will be able to wear all of the adorable little outfits before she moves on to the next size. Luckily some people varied the sizes that they bought. We were truly blessed. After that shower, the only things that I have left to buy myself are the mobile for the crib, a diaper bag, and a breast pump. And I got gift cards to help with that.

I had a doctorís appointment on Tuesday. I was pretty excited about it as I was going to get to see one of the female doctors at this visit. For some reason I thought that because she was a woman, that we would instantly bond, and that she would be excited to discuss my pregnancy and all of the questions that I havenít asked my regular doctor. Boy was I wrong. She had me in and out of her office so fast that she left a smoke trail. She didnít even ask me if I had any questions. I guess that she cured my need to stereotype doctors according to their gender. From now on Iíll just be thankful with my Dr. C. He may not talk much, but at least he listens, most of the time. I lost 2 pounds this visit; of course I weighed in at 8:30 a.m. That puts my total weight gain for this pregnancy at 11 pounds. My next appointment is Tuesday the 19th. I will be having the Group B Strep test at this appointment. Whoo-pee.

Is it considered insomnia if it doesnít start until 4 or 5 in the morning? Iíll just say that I have been experiencing ďmildĒ insomnia lately. I usually get up between 2 and 3 a.m. for my first potty break of the evening and can usually go right back to sleep after that one. But then I have to get up again at between 4 and 5 a.m. for my second round in the bathroom, and when I get back in bed I canít fall asleep until right before my alarm clock goes off at 6:10 a.m. I mean I try to reason it out but to no avail. If I couldnít sleep before my pregnancy, there was usually something on my mind such as financial stuff, or Gary snoring, but now there is nothing. I suppose that it is just another symptom of this pregnancy. Why canít I get a good symptom, like the Nesting Syndrome that I have yet to see? Now where is that at? I hope that is not what I am getting at 4 or 5 a.m. Oh, well, only 6 weeks (give or take) left to go.

Before I end this entry, let me take a moment to brag on my super wonderful husband. This whole pregnancy he has willingly and lovingly taken care of me. He has by far picked up my slack (and there has been a lot of slack) this entire pregnancy. It is to the point now that he doesnít want me to do anything at home but relax. If I start to get up off of the couch, he always wants to know what I am doing and if he can do it for me. (I wish he could take over my 5 a.m. trip to the bathroom). Especially when I just get home from work and he notices the tree trunks that have replaced my ankles. He insists that I sit down and put my feet up. If it werenít for the fact that I am looking forward to meeting my precious new daughter, or the fact that I would like to wear normal shoes again, I might like to stay pregnant forever, just to enjoy his pampering. What a man!!

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