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Week 35 - September 20, 2006
~ Only 5 weeks to go and so much to do . . .

How will I ever get everything done that must be done before the baby gets here?? I still have to sew her "blankie," buy her a chest of drawers, wash all of the little baby clothes and blankets, rearrange our bedroom for the bassinet and rocker, dust, scrub, and wash my entire house from top to bottom (still waiting on the "Nesting Instinct"). Now it may seem to some that five weeks (give or take) is plenty of time to get those things done, but let me tell you how my schedule is looking for the next couple of weeks. Friday, September 22 is my youngest daughters' ninth birthday, and she is having a sleepover party with four other little girls. (What a way to usher in my ninth month, huh?) I allowed her this privilege because she will eventually be sharing her room with the new baby, and we donít know when another sleepover will be possible. Now, the sleepover will be over by 11:00 a.m. sharp on Saturday morning. After the clean-up, I donít know what kind of energy I will be left clinging to, hopefully enough to at least be able to cut out the squares for the "blankie".

Now on Sunday, I teach Sunday School and will get there by 9:15 a.m. Church usually lets out by 12:30 and then we go back at 5:00 p.m. for childrenís choir and the evening service. And starting on Monday, my boss/father will be out of town on a cruise (must be nice) the entire week, and I will have to work an extra hour everyday. Five nine hour days at 9 months pregnant is not my ideal work situation. I am already cranky thinking about that. After helping with homework and studying for tests next week, I will be out of it. On that Saturday, I have our first Cheerleading clinic before tryouts. Now, I love cheerleading, but this will take half of my day. Again, nothing will get accomplished. I will not continue babbling about my lack of time anymore (at least not in this entry). I know that things will work out. I suppose I could pray about the situation instead of complaining about it. Why is it that we always try to do things on our own first and then only think of God when we are overwhelmed? That is pretty backwards isnít it?

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday and had my dreaded Group B Strep test. Boy did I do a lot of useless worrying about that one. There was nothing to it. A quick swab here and there and it was over. Just like that. Everything seems to be normal. My weight was back to being a total gain of 13 pounds (I was down by 2 pounds last week). I will be going to the doctor every week from now on. I donít mind doing that as it helps the time pass by faster, or so it seems.

Hey, I just noticed that I am the next one due on the pregnancy journals. That is exciting!

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