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Week 36 - September 28, 2006
~ 4 Weeks to Go . . . Swell

So I went to the doctor on Monday for my checkup. Everything was good as far as weight (still no gain) and blood pressure (180/20) go. He checked me but nothing was going on down there. But I have been concerned about the amount of swelling that I have been experiencing. I just cannot describe to you how much my feet are swelling and what inhuman characteristics they have taken on. I mean they even turn colors. But it is not the feet that are concerning me so much as it is my hands. Over the past week I have been waking up in the mornings and barely able to move my fingers. When I do try to make a fist, my knuckles pop every time. I finally had to take off my wedding ring this past week because of the swelling. But this is evidently just another side effect of pregnancy. Dr. C is going to have me start coming in twice a week from now on to monitor the swelling "just in case," but he did not seem to be too concerned about it which is a relief.

On Tuesday evening I started having contractions, not painful ones, but the Braxton Hicks. They went on all night; I was still having them at my 2:30 and 5:00 bathroom visits and they continued on all through Wednesday. They werenít really that painful, but they were pretty regular at 10 minutes apart. I knew that I was going back to the doctor on Thursday, so I decided not to call and just go to my appointment. So, I went in today and saw one of the other doctors in the practice. He was really nice. Weight and BP were normal. He reassured me that the swelling was normal, even though at 9 a.m. my extremities had not reached their full swelling capacity. I told him about the contractions and he checked me and told me that they helped me get dilated to a 1. That was good news, at least they werenít all for naught. Of course, having had two children before, I know that being dilated to a 1 this early means absolutely nothing, but it does give me hope that maybe this one will not be nine days overdue like Rachel was. Maybe I will move right along and this baby will be born on her due date, maybe even a day or two early. I guess weíll just have to wait and see.

Well, I survived Rachelís sleepover last weekend. No major drama went on and I was able to relax a lot of the time (physically, not mentally, too much screaming) as they mostly stayed in Rachelís room or outside on the trampoline. The only downside was that one of the parents decided to pick their child up an hour later than I asked them to (begged really). I thought that I was being pretty giving by not having parents pick them up until 11 a.m. on Saturday. Not too early or too late. Was that too much to ask?? I mean they didnít go to bed until midnight and got up at 6:55 a.m. This particular parent did not even call to say she was going to be late. And when we tried to call her she would not answer her home or cell phone. Letís just say that I had a few choice comments to make about this lady (but didnít) after she arrived with her "oh, Iím so sorry Iím late" ho-hum attitude. Oh, well, I survived. After that I dropped the kids off at my dadís house and headed out to look for a chest of drawers for the baby. I made it through one store, found nothing and went home and crashed. Nothing got accomplished this weekend.

It has really been a struggle this week working nine hour days. Just one extra hour a day is really taking its toll on me. I am glad that tomorrow is Friday. This weekend, I vow to sew the baby blankie and to find a chest of drawers for the baby. It must get done. No excuses!

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