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Week 37 - October 6, 2006
~ 3 Weeks to Go . . . Probably Not

This weekend I finally got something accomplished that I set out to get done. On Friday, my sister Jessie came to visit from Athens, and that was fun. She is the only family member that reads my journal, so of course I had to mention her. And then on Saturday I drug Rachel around to four different furniture stores looking for a white chest of drawers. Do you know what an impossible task that it is to find a descent sized chest of drawers that are white? I have finally decided that we (meaning Gary) will buy one that I like from an unfinished wood store and paint it ourselves (meaning Gary will paint it). I did not make the purchase, but I did make the decision, which does feel like an accomplishment.

Also, I was able to sew my baby blankie on Saturday evening. Now, let me give you a little background on the baby blankie. When I was little, my mother sewed for me my baby blankie. She embroidered little animals on squares of fabric and then pieced them together with printed fabric. I loved my blankie as a child, and I still do. So, in keeping with (or starting) tradition, I in turn made the same style of blankies for both of my girls. They are both just as attached to theirs as I was to mine. Well, being that I am working while pregnant with this little bundle I never knew when I would have the time to embroider all of the necessary squares for her blankie. Well, those of you who have been regular readers of my journal know that back in June, my precious grandmother died. When my mother went through her closet to sort things out for my grandfather she came across a bag full of the most adorable little embroidered animals. There were probably about 50 different squares that she had done all when my uncle and mother where small children. How wonderful it was to receive this great gift from my grandmother after her passing! So, needless to say, this baby's blanket has been made by the help of her great-grandmother. What a blessing.

I went to the doctor on Monday at which time he was a little concerned about my swelling. It was an afternoon appointment and he finally got to see it at capacity. My blood pressure was also up. He decided that with the amount of swelling that I had and with my blood pressure being elevated and with my history of having large babies, that he would schedule me for an ultrasound on Thursday. So, on Thursday (yesterday), I went in for the ultrasound and it was great. She is still a girl, praise the Lord, and she looks to be about 8 pounds already (however accurate that is). Dr. C told me that he didnít want me to go too much longer, so he stripped my membranes to try to get things moving along down there. I go back to see him on Monday, if I havenít delivered by then. If I havenít, we will be scheduling a date for me to go into the hospital. I was pretty excited to hear that. This week has really been a turning point in this pregnancy. It seems like every move that I make either hurts or makes me have to pee. I have had backaches and headaches. Starting today I will be working only part time at the blessed recommendation of my doctor. I will keep you updated.

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