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Tamira's pregnancy journal

Weeks 4 - 9
~ The first 9 weeks in a nutshell

Week 4

February 14th - Iím pregnant!!

February 15th Ė Told the girls that we are going to have a baby. They cried, and not from excitement either. They donít want a new baby.

February 16th Ė We let the girls tell all of our families. That helped them get excited. Now, they canít wait! (sigh of relief).

I will not go off of Weight Watchers yet. I will still eat all of the healthy foods and drink all of the water. Besides, I feel fine and have worked too hard not to stay on track, at least at the beginning of this pregnancy.

Week 5

I do not want salad or a Smart One frozen meal for lunch everyday. I can eat healthy without salad and Smart Ones everyday for lunch. Besides, I am not very hungry lately. I have lost 1 lb. My boobs hurt really, really bad.

Week 6

Is this morning sickness?? Nah, it canít be. Iíve never had that before. Must be a bug. I donít get morning sickness. Man, I am tired already. Owwww my boobs!

Week 7 - Weight Watchers who??

Okay, I am nauseated when I get hungry, and I am nauseated after I eat, and really, I am nauseated all day long. Does it ever end?? I am really starting to suspect that this is not a bug. It could be something serious. I might call my doctor. Morning sickness?? Oh, no, I donít get that.

Week 8

I had my first doctorís appointment this week. Thatís always a hoot (yeah right). They took a little blood, a little pressure, a little (yeah right) weight, and donít forget the wonderful pap that I was due for. All in all it was an awesome time. Oh yeah, my due date is October 24th!

Everything stinks so far this week. No, I mean everything literally stinks. I canít stand the smell of perfume, lotion, my dogs (gag), dirty laundry, clean laundry, anything! My car stinks, and even my soap at work has caused a few gag reflexes. My husband says that I have a nose like a bloodhound. Hey, is that a chocolate truffle I smell?

You might think that 10 hours of sleep a night might be enough to leave you feeling refreshed the next day, right?? Wrong. I still fell asleep at my desk today at work.

Will I ever feel good?

Nothing fits anymore. Everything is tight. Can that be right?

Week 9

How can I eat nothing and still gain 3 lbs???? Is this a joke?? I lost 11 lbs. on Weight Watchers before finding out that I was pregnant and I have already gained 3 lbs?? Not to mention none of my pants or skirts fit. Week 9 and nothing fits?

Well, I have good news to report this week. My wonderful husband Gary has quit smoking this week. He started smoking 9 years ago when the bosses at work wouldnít let him take a break because he didnít smoke. Only smokers could take a ďsmoke break.Ē So being the ďsmarty pantsĒ that he is, he bummed a cigarette from a co-worker, took his ďsmokeĒ break, and has been a smoker ever since. Until now. If youíre the praying kind, say a prayer for my Gary, that he will stay strong and cigarette free.

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