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Tamira's Pregnancy Journal

Week 23
~ Ultrasound

ultrasoundI had another ultrasound on Monday (July 28th). It was so wonderful to see my little boy again. It was so much better this time because he was a lot easier to see. He just kept wiggling and turning. It was really neat to watch him. The tech thought that I might have to come back again because every time she would go to take the picture she was looking for of his spine, he would roll over. After working with me for a while and turning me this way and that she was finally able to get the money shots, but she had to act quickly. He obviously had to much to do to stand idle for some still shots.

Well, I am at a roadblock with my youngest daughter Violet. I have always planned to have all of my children off of the pacifier by age 18 months. Brooke never took a pacifier so that was easy, and Rachel gave it up without any tears. But Violet is different. She loves her "ni-ni". Now at 12 months I began the breaking process by only allowing her to have it at nap time and night-night time, thus the name "ni-ni". I have held fast to this rule only making exceptions occassionally when she has been ill. But she loves her "ni-ni". She asks for it whenever she gets hurt, or when she is tired, or just when she feels like she wants it. She is not losing interest in it at all. Now, she will be 22 months old this month. In my opinion that is too old to have a pacifier. Her pediatritian told me to have her off of it by 18 months because it will affect her bite after that. I have got to get with the program. I just feel like she is not old enough to understand why she can't have it anymore. I suppose what is really making me think it is time to say bye-bye to "ni-ni" is that lately she has been waking up in the middle of the night 3 to 4 times a week looking for her "ni-ni" that has fallen out of her mouth and crying until I come and find it for her. I can't do this forever. I keep telling myself that I will start the "ni-ni" weaning next week, but never do. Brooke and Rachel keep saying, "I thought you weren't going to give it to her anymore?" Okay, maybe stating it publicly will help me keep my resolve. I will start ASAP to wean Violet Rose from her beloved "ni-ni". I suppose we will start at nap time tomorrow. I'll keep you informed.

~ Tamira

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