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Week 24
~ Feelings

Tamira at 24 weeksI suppose that you could say that I have really started to "feel" pregnant this week, and by "feel" pregnant I mean that some of my old nemesis are starting to rear their ugly heads. Things like heartburn. I have really had to start using the Tums lately, usually several times a day. My ankles have started to swell slightly. I am out of breath doing even the simple things like singing at church or picking up toys left in the living room. But what really made me "feel" pregnant was when my little "bundle of joy" kicked me in the bladder at an inopportune moment and I almost opened the flood gates in my surprise. I could not believe the jolt behind the kick. That let me know how much he is really growing. I will not complain about these pregnant "feelings" yet, as they have not plagued me nearly as bad or as quickly as they did with Violet. Now I may not be so okay with them in a couple of months when the Tums no longer work and my shoe size has doubled, but for now I am just going with the flow, literally, every hour or so.

Well, I have finally finished Brooke and Rachel's room, and I must say that it has worked out nicely so far. Other than a few squabbles over how long someone takes to get ready in the morning, it has been a pretty smooth transition. Their room looks wonderful and everything is pretty much equal for both girls. I am just waiting to see how it will work when homeschooling starts next week.

Now, I have to make a confession. Even with my public announcement last week to start breaking Violet of her pacifier, I did not do it. She got sick with a cold at the first of the week, and then I began preparing for a yard sale that we were having on August 9th. I have decided that Monday, August 11th will be the day. Really.

I have attached my 24 week picture. Of course, I am not happy with it, but it's the best that I can do this time.

~ Tamira

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