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Week 25
~ Preggo Brain

Well, I had my yard sale last week, August 9th and it went quite well I must say. I was very disappointed that my husband didn't make it home to help me, but I guess that goes with the territory of having a trucker for a husband. Sometimes he can get home when I want him to, and sometimes he can't. It can get very discouraging though, especially when it happens the last three times I have tried to get him home for something, like for both ultrasounds and this yard sale. Thankfully I have two wonderful older daughters who did a great job of helping me set up. I was really happy when the sale was over and I could finally get my house back in order, at least somewhat. I just told Gary that whatever he misses, he better not miss the birth of this baby. That is the main thing that I want him home for, and the main thing that scares me. Of course, I can't predict the exact date that this bundle will make his arrival, but I am hoping that Dr. C will opt for an induction (I never thought I would say that) so that I can give Gary an exact date for his paternity leave. Because Rachel was 9 lbs 11 oz he induced me a week early with Violet because he did not want her to get that big. And since he was still unhappy with Violet's weight of 8 lbs 14 oz he may choose induction this time as well. I guess we will just have to see. I just cannot imagine having this baby without Gary being present. He is so wonderful in the delivery room. He is a big comfort to me.

Well, I did it. I have taken Violet off of her pacifier. We started on Monday (August 11) at nap time and she has been "ni-ni" free ever since. That first nap time was the hardest. She really struggled to fall asleep. She played for the first 30-45 minutes and then she cried until she finally fell asleep. I was really dreading that first night because she struggled so badly at nap time, but she went right to sleep, well, not right to sleep; she played for about 45 minutes before falling to sleep without crying. She woke up at about 2 a.m. fussing, but got herself back to sleep in minutes. I was so thankful. Nap time really seems to be the hardest time for her so far; I guess because it is still daylight outside, but she does really well at night. She doesn't really cry at nap time, she just plays (without toys). Each day the play is getting shorter though, so that is progress.

We also started homeschooling on Monday and that has gone pretty smoothly so far. The only struggle that we have had is that they both use a TV/DVD for their lessons and they both share a room. Brooke's TV has a headphone plug-in, so I thought that would solve the dilemma, however, for some reason we have been through three sets of headphones and they all only put out sound on one side. So of course she has the problem of hearing Rachel's TV through her headphones. Rachel has an older TV that does not take headphones. So we have been monitoring the volume for both girls and that seems to work most of the time. We'll see.

I believe that is all that I have for week 25. For the last few entries I have been behind on the day that I submit my entries. I was submitting them on Thursdays, which is the day after my entry week ends, but for the last several entries I have been submitting on Sunday and Monday, and I am struggling to remember everything from the previous week. Like today is Sunday and I am at 26.5 weeks along trying to write about week 25. I have a terrible case of preggo brain this time around anyway, so it is really hard to remember things from a week and a half ago. I will try to do better this week and submit week 26 on Thursday.

~ Tamira

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