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Week 29
~ This and That

Well, this week started off quite busily. On Monday, Sept. 8th, I had my 3 hour Glucose Test. I got a lot of my homeschooling lessons ready for the girls during that long 3 hours, so it was not too bad. They also have a TV that is programmed in to the "HGTV" channel which also helped pass the time. I do not know the results of that test yet, but they must be good since I haven't heard anything. I am guessing that they would not make me wait until my next appointment on September 17th to give me the news that I flunked that one too. Anyway, after racing to the nearest place to get food and drink, as I was starving, I had to rush home to take Brooke to the orthodontist to have her braces put on. So I had another hour to sit and wait in a doctors office. Needless to say, I was glad to see Monday over.

The rest of the week has gone pretty smoothly. This baby has been a little wiggle worm. He definitely lets me know that he is in there everytime that he is awake. I just love feeling my little boy, my son, moving around in my belly. I still can't believe that I am having a boy. I just wonder what he will look like. I have never made a boy before.

Violet is continuing with her potty training this week. She is doing pretty good. In another week or so I will probably start putting her in those thick cloth panties to help her "feel" her accidents and hopefully not like how it feels to wear wet or soiled clothes. We'll see. I'm not going to rush her if she is not ready, but I really think that she is ready.

Next week Rachel and I will be busy planning for her 11th birthday party. She has chosen to go with a "Survivor" theme, so that should prove to be interesting. I am quite sure that it will be a lot of work, but it should be fun.

Heartburn has been on the attack in full force. I have been going through Tums like they are water. I am already starting to dread the taste and feel of them in my mouth. I always take the smoothie flavored because they go down better than the regular, but it is getting harder and harder. I tried the instant dissolve Tums, but they are no better. During my last pregnancy the chewable Rolaids proved to be a great discovery, as they are just like eating laffy-taffy, but they are not helping my heartburn at all this time. No matter what, I know I am not willing to move on to the Mylanta yet. That is definitely reserved for the last month. Not only is it hard to swallow, but it gives me "upset stomach" if you catch my drift. I certainly don't have to worry about enough fiber when taking Mylanta. But all of that aside, it does work, but I am not quite at that desperate point yet. I will stick it out with the Tums for now.

My feet and ankles are swollen pretty much all of the time now, but I really can't tell too much because I wear flip-flops all of the time. I suppose if cooler weather ever gets here, I will be able to judge by the fit, or non-fit rather, of my regular shoes.

Well, until next week then!

~ Tamira

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