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Week 33
~ Can You Believe It??

In my last entry I was pretty down in the dumps because it seemed like none of the grandparents wanted to watch Violet. Well, over this past week a miracle of sorts has happened. Every single grandparent, and even my sister, took a turn at watching Violet last week. Keep in mind that none of them read my journal, or even know that I write one. It started with my mom calling to ask if Rachel could come over to play with my niece. I told her that I needed Rachel to help me watch Violet so that I could try to get my house in order. At that point my mother said that Violet could come too! I was shocked and had to ask her to repeat herself. Now, of course she had stipulations, like Violet could only stay for a couple of hours, and that I had to watch my niece in return, but that was a-okay with me. Then, last Saturday, my dad asked me if Violet could come over. "Of course," I told him. He picked her up at 8 o'clock that morning and did not bring her home until 4 that afternoon. Wow! And then on Tuesday of this week, Rachel spoke with my mother-in-law, and she kept Rachel and Violet for a couple of hours that evening. And to top off the week, my sister asked to take Violet to the park on Friday, and she kept her for a couple of hours. I find this week truly amazing. However, I feel like I've used up all of my Aces now in one week. Oh, well, I guess I will be thankful for what I can get. I had a lady email me who understood exactly how I was feeling. She told me that she eventually had to suck it up and start asking people to watch the kids. Of course, we want people to volunteer to help us, but that is just not the reality. I appreciate that. I must admit that I am a bit stubborn about asking for help. I will definitely start trying to remedy that stubborness, especially with number four about to make his arrival.

My doctor's appointment was pretty routine this time. Everything seems to be going well. Another pound was added to the scale, as has been routine at my last 10 visits, making my grand total so far 27 pounds! I will start going for appointments every week now. They were going to schedule a Group B Strep test, but since I was positive with Violet, they will not test me again. They will just treat me like I am still positive. I spoke with him about doing an induction to try to make sure that Gary will be home for the birth, and he was not opposed to that idea, but he will not do one before 39 weeks. Needless to say, I will be praying that baby will not come before 39 weeks unless Gary is home.

We will be planning Violet's 2nd birthday party this week. It will be an Ariel theme as she loves the Little Mermaid. We will just have the family over for the event, but it will be fun. All of the grandparents are going in together to buy her a swingset. She will be so surprised. She is such a southern bell and she loves to sa-wing. Whenever we go to the park she says, "I want to sa-wing, Mommy!" making swing a two-syllable word. She doesn't totally get the idea of birthdays yet, but she will soon enough. She does, however, know what birthday cake is, and is constantly making them for her princess dolls, especially Ariel.

~ Tamira

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